What To Do...

In case you worried all day about the PJP fall decor/eyelash extensions/restrictive undergarment dilemma of 2014, we have some good news.  An alert blog reader who works for Giving Gardens (http://www.cmsegivinggardens.com) offered to trade us pumpkins, mums, and gourds in exchange of pie for her hardworking staff members.   And because we are smart girls, we jumped right on that trade without a second thought.  She even went so far as to deliver our fall decor in the pouring rain to PJP Buttonwood and just like that, Giving Gardens made our storefront look AH-MAZ-ING in advance of the Feast TV shoot tomorrow.  We have beautiful mums and enormous pumpkins and it brought a warm and inviting feeling to PJP Buttonwood that will look great on camera, so THANK YOU to Frannie and her team at Giving Gardens! Sadly, it doesn't seem that any other of our readers deal in eyelashes or Spanx because no one showed up at our doors with offers of either in exchange for pie.  (That said, I did get some great tips for a microfiber eyelash product by Younique that looks insanely promising.)  As for the shapewear and all the rest for tomorrow, we've decided to just be ourselves and just see what happens.  As we will be wearing microphones for the better part of the afternoon, my goal now has been reduced to not saying any words on television that will ultimately result in an FCC fine.

But, let's face it, all of our distraction about looking good and presenting the best possible image is really only the byproduct of wanting Feast TV and their viewers to love PJP as much as we do.  I tried to look around PJP Buttonwood today with a fresh set of eyes.  Could someone new to our story see all the love and hard work we have invested in our 1,050 square foot rectangle of space?  Does each element of our store show all the thought we've put into it?  When we speak, do we convey how much we believe in PJP and world pie domination?   Because those are the things that will matter tomorrow afternoon as Feast films us.  Well, that and a sparkling clean kitchen.  And making sure neither of us have butter in our hair at any point in the day.

Earlier this evening, I asked Jeanne about our plan for tomorrow.  Should we get there really early and bake everything and then be all clean and sparkly for the 2pm television crew arrival?

Jeanne's response?  "Let's just bake like hell."

Sounds legit.