In Need Of Duct Tape...

For the past month or so, we've been in close contact with Feast Magazine, a St. Louis based food publication that now covers not only St. Louis, but Kansas City and mid-Missouri as well (  We will be a part of their November issue and we are really excited to see it in print.  (Their photographer spent over eight hours with us.  We've seen a few of the proofs and they are SWOON-WORTHY.) Well, it turns out that Feast also has Feast TV - a monthly television show that airs on PBS affiliates across the state (KMOS for mid-Missouri fans).  Yesterday, Feast asked us if we would mind if they came over next Friday to interview and film us for as the subjects for their November show.

Now look, this is a crazy busy time of year at PJP.  Fridays are always completely insane with pre-orders, pot pies, and the quest to fully stock the store with a lot of pie.  But all that said, crazy or not, TELEVISION.


We spent most of this morning thinking about and discussing our plans to make the shop, and ourselves, look ah-maz-ing by next Friday.  First on our list... adding some pumpkins and some more fall decor to PJP Buttonwood.  We also discussed making sure we clean every square inch of stainless steel for maximum shine.  We both would like our hair professionally done and some false eyelashes glued on.  And while we are at it, we added "purchase 10 pairs of Spanx" to the list.  We may not be able to bend at the waist during the interview due to multiple layers of restrictive undergarments, but looking skinnier on television will be way worth it.

Except tonight I got another email from Feast and due to a scheduling conflict, they would like to come on over and film this Friday.


We have an inordinate amount of pie orders tomorrow, so the odds that we buy any pumpkins, purchase eyelashes, or investigate girdle options are pretty slim.

Something tells me this isn't how Martha Stewart got her start on her television show.  (I'm willing to bet that if Martha didn't have time to shop for Spanx, she just stayed up all night and made some out of plastic wrap and duct tape.  She also probably grows her own pumpkins and just plucks them off her estate when she needs them.)

Feast TV will likely arrive on Friday to find us baking like mad women, wearing black t-shirts, and covered in like any basic day at PJP Buttonwood.  Don't be jealous, Martha.