PJP + Feast TV = Forever

By the time most of you read this, Jeanne and I will have completed a 5 am - 7 am stint on KRCG's live morning show.  Tomorrow is National Dessert Day and the fine folks at KRCG thought we might be a good addition to their morning programming to discuss...well, desserts.  The reporter, Ryann Rumbaugh, and her crew plan to arrive at PJP at 4:30 am and quite frankly, I have anxiety simply because I'm a night person and I know that no matter what happens, I'll likely get just a few hours of sleep before my alarm goes off.  Have you ever done full hair and makeup at 3:45 in the morning?  It is weird. So, speaking of television, you might be wondering how the Feast TV shoot on Friday went.  And we are happy to report that it went spectacularly well.  Feast's publisher, Cat Neville, and her crew of three arrived around 2 in the afternoon and stayed until just shy of 7 that evening.


And here is the nicest compliment I will ever pay a television crew...or maybe anyone ever:  these people were so nice and so fun, we completely forgot about trying to look at skinny as possible on camera. I completely understand how people end up on reality television because it is far easier than you would suspect to let someone film and record you for most of your day and completely forget you are the subject of interest.  Our microphones were recording for the better part of the afternoon, so we hereby apologize to the people at Feast TV that have to comb through five hours of conversation between Jeanne and I for the interesting sound bites.

We were interviewed separately and then together and then the crew also took all sorts of footage of us.  Because we were the only two members of Team PJP at PJP Buttonwood on Friday afternoon, the crew had to stop and wait while we stopped mid-sentence to wait on customers, answer the phone, or silence an oven timer.  And as gracious as the crew was to tolerate all the interruptions, each customer that rolled through the front door of PJP Buttonwood and went about their pie-shopping business like an entire working camera crew was a normal thing, well...THANK YOU.

Once the crew had everything they needed, we forced t-shirts and large amounts of pies upon them for their return ride to St. Louis.  The show is slated to run in November and we know it is going to be great, so much thanks to Feast TV, Cat, and her team.  PJP + Feast TV = Forever.