Everything. And Nothing.

The post is about everything.  Or nothing.  Depending on if you are a glass half-full sort of person or a glass half-empty sort of person, you might find these random tidbits interesting.  Or not.  I'm undecided.

  1. PJP Buttonwood will be closed this Friday and Saturday.  Being closed Friday was a completely easy decision, as it is a national holiday.  Saturday was more difficult.  I vacillated between "close" and "stay open" for a better part of a week before making a decision.  And that is the problem with adjusting to making your own rules...learning to trust your own intuition.  In this case, my intuition said that a few days off would be good for the PJP soul.  Tomorrow, I will likely feel guilty about it because what if someone comes to buy pie Saturday and we aren't open and they are disappointed?  Owning your own business can sometimes feel like a hamster wheel of crazy.
  2. We are shipping out our first significant shipping order of jelly jar pies tomorrow.  29 six-packs of apple pies, which is 174 jelly jars to be exact.photo-87
  3. I assembled all the shipping boxes today and if I ever come back in another life, I'm going to devote my life's work to owning a box making factory that actually folds the boxes for the customers.  There is a niche in that market, people.  I also plan to offer full insurance coverage for paper cuts caused by corrugated cardboard.
  4. We've had quite a few people ask about their options for the used jelly jars.  We've decided to offer a deposit on the jars...return a jar and receive .25.  We will sanitize them and then put on new lids and rings (so no need to return the lids).
  5. The Caribou cold press coffee in dark chocolate almond is completely responsible for fueling the operations at PJP Buttonwood these days.  I realize that our coffee choices have nothing to do with our pie-making, except now that I type that statement, I guess it does.  No coffee = no pie.
  6. I posted this picture on Facebook on Saturday...it was actually taken without a filter on my iPhone.  Amazing clouds after a rainstorm...and an awesome shot of the back of our new t-shirts from Fast Yeti.photo-88
  7. PJP V. 2.0 is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of "Missouri Life" magazine (http://www.missourilife.com).  We are a little excited, which is a polite way of say WE REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO READ ABOUT OURSELVES, BUT WE ARE TRYING TO HAVE SOME TACT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  8. Director of Publicity and Something-Else-I-Can't-Remember Charlotte is here from NYC and is working at PJP Buttonwood.  This was her first time to actually see PJP Buttonwood in person and she gave it an enthusiastic two thumbs up.  Whew.
  9. The July Summer Series Happy Hour has sold out.  Apparently, eating an insane amount of pie while swilling wine with Jeanne and I has more allure than I anticipated.  I'll post the date for August soon and thank you to everyone that attended in June and/or has made plans for July.  We love to party with you, peeps.
  10. Whenever we have a discussion about the baking schedule for the next day, Jeanne will suggest we just start at 3 am.  Sigh.  I better to go to bed.