Light Us Up...

Our interest in Industrial Chic design is pretty well documented.  If you've spent any time in PJP Buttonwood or on our Pinterest page, then you know that we both tend toward the rustic and raw design elements.  While PJP Buttonwood is a work in progress, we feel like as we add each new element to the space, it gets thismuch closer to being an accurate reflection of who we are.  And every time we get something new that makes us both so happy, well, we tend to discuss for days just how much we like whatever that thing is.  And our additions this week are no exception. Our love for exponentially expensive light fixtures is the unifying theme of our Pinterest page.  I should really just create a board called "All The Light Fixtures I Want But Can't Afford".  PJP fans already know that the ah-maz-ing light fixture that hangs about our front counter was built by Jeanne after she was inspired by an $1800 light fixture we found on Pinterest.  And after she built that fixture and it was hung by our electrician, it instantly made our space come together in a way that would have never been possible with a generic light fixture.

Because we were pushing to make the space useable for our grand opening celebration party in April, we were focusing on the most important things...such as running water and light from any source.  In the front area, our electrician installed track lighting simply so people could see each other at the party.  And then they just stayed up there because we had so much going on.  But they stared down at us, mocking our design choices...and we stared back, mocking their outdated vibe.  So in a burst of "yeah, we've got to do something about that", we decided to just design our own fixtures.

With this as our inspiration, we got started...




Knowing we wanted two separate, but identical, fixtures for the front, we knew our scale had to be a bit smaller than the fixture shown in the picture.  (That said, my love for the fixture in the picture runs so deep and is a love without end.  Sadly, the Pinterest link goes nowhere and I'll never know where this coveted fixture hangs or the story behind it.)

We started with the idea of using whiskey barrel rings.  Why?  Well, we needed rings, we wanted them to be rustic and worn and with character.  Oh, and we like, it seemed logical.  And because we live in a world where anything you can think of is easily located with a quick Google search, we were the owners of six whiskey barrel rings within 15 minutes.  And when UPS dropped them off four days later, they were as Industrial Chic in person as online.

Because we are consistently full of ideas and short on time, Designer Caroline offered to go to Bright City Lights in Columbia and send us pictures of chandeliers that might work as options.  So she did and four pictures in, we knew exactly what we wanted.  And then she referred us to the creative genius that is Adam McMillen of McMillen Industries.  Adam does unbelievable artistic things with metal.  While he put our light fixtures together, we have very big plans for some new things at PJP Buttonwood from his handiwork in the very near future.

And finally, our fixtures were ready to hang.  WE LOVE THEM.  Adore them.  Swoon over them.


And from the other view, with Jeanne's light fixture in the background.


I just realized that I've written 585 words to basically state the obvious...THESE LIGHT FIXTURES MAKE US VERY HAPPY, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Stop by and see them for yourself.  We will be happy to stand in the foyer and stare at the ceiling with you...