Tell Me About Your Self(ie), Rebecca Miller

Last week, I interviewed Jeanne in Buzzfeed's "Tell Me About Your Self(ie)" style.  Tonight, she turns the table on me.  Here are the exact same questions, just a vastly different set of answers.   Primarily because I don't watch Gunsmoke... Tell me about your self(ie), Rebecca Miller...


Hot coffee or iced coffee?

ICED!  Large, single shot of vanilla, half and half, and six Splendas.  SIX.  Yeah, I know Splenda isn't great for you, but there are worse things (like plain gas station coffee).  Oh wait, I forgot that at Panera, sometimes I put eight in there because those cups are really big.  Haters gonna hate.

What is your favorite movie?

I am completely partial to any movie written by John Hughes.  All of them - even Uncle Buck.  Behind-the-scenes-tech-guru Jason and I also have a true and deep love for the entire National Lampoon's vacation movie series (I prefer the European vacation, while he and the kids lean toward Christmas Vacation).  (Sidebar - our dog is named Sparky after Clark W. Griswold.  True story.)

Also, I am so embarrassed to admit this in a public forum, but if I'm scrolling through and happen upon My Cousin Vinny, I'll watch it...regardless of what part it is on when I find it.


When you walk into a bar, what do you order?

Dirty Shirley (Jeanne:  Tell me again what is in that.  Me:  Vodka, Sprite, and grenadine.  Jeanne:  Oh, yeah!  Why didn't you remind me of those when I answered these questions last week?)

What is the last thing you Googled?

A HankMed Royal Pains t-shirt.  (Jeanne:  You never wear theme wear.  Me:  I know, it was for Ellery...she's been binge watching "Royal Pains" on Netflix.  Jeanne:  Really, is it good?  Me:  Honestly, yeah...she has great taste for being eight.)

What is the first album you purchased?

What?  You don't remember buying me a Michael Jackson album at the Montgomery Wards in the Biscayne Mall in like 1982?  I remember thinking "Ben" was an awesome song and then you told me it was about a rat.  Is that true?  (Jeanne:  I told you that?  Me: Yeah!  Should I Google it? I just Googled it...I don't see anything about a rat.  Why would he sing a song about a rat?).

Beatles or Elvis?

Elvis.  Up until the whole rhinestone jumpsuit, overly sweaty sideburn phase anyway...

Adele or Mumford and Sons?

Ugh...hard to choose.  Probably neither because everyone likes one or both of those now.  I would pick The Civil Wars, but you can't see them in concert because they were friends and now they are no longer speaking and it makes me crazy.  How can you make the best music and then not even be speaking in real life?

Candy Crush or Solitaire?


SOS pad or Mr. Clean?

Mr. Clean.  I hate to tell you, but you are the only person in America that picks SOS pads in this scenario.  They make that weird blueish soap and have a peculiar smell and sometimes that steel wool stabs you and it hurts and I just don't even understand the SOS pad.  Or Comet.  Which, actually, you like as well.

Favorite place you've ever been?

Trops.  Just kidding.  Sorta.  There is this great table at Señor Frog's in Playa del Carmen where you can sit and watch all the action on 5th street AND watch the waves wash up on the sand.  While you have a margarita served in a glass that is a yard long.  That is pretty great.

You enter an eating contest.  What food?

Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream.

How much do you think you could eat?

More than I'll ever admit on a public blog.

Facebook or Twitter or Instagram?


Why can you never find your reading glasses?

Hey - this question doesn't work for me since I don't have reading glasses.  Can you change this to "Why can you never find your keys?"  Except I still wouldn't have an answer.

Hobby Lobby or Michael's?

Hobby Lobby.  Michael's gives me is like they really only want the serious crafter to shop in there, while Hobby Lobby seems all ok with people who just like to shop for house stuff.

Subway or Jimmy John's?

Jimmy John's.  (Vegetarian, #6).

Honey Boo Boo or Duck Dynasty

Honey Boo Boo.  It is compelling television.  And even if I've had the worst day, as long as I didn't let my kids play with mayonnaise in the bath tub, I feel like I've made one better decision than someone else.

Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself

Tragically, I let you talk me into Sally Jessy Raphael glasses in 5th grade.  So so so so so unfortunate.

sally jessy

She sort of rocks them in this picture, but as a chubby, braces wearing, Latin club member...TRAGIC.

Happy to be making pies with me?

Yes!  But you are really too happy at 4 am.

Anything else you want to add?

No.  Wait...can I come in at 6 in the morning instead of 4?