100% Less Skeevy...

I've learned that in the game of small business ownership, you take the good things, no matter how small, as they come and you ENJOY EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT WHILE YOU CAN.  Here is a little story that best embodies this belief... So, on Saturday morning we started baking really early.  (In fact, I'm pretty sure that as I headed to PJP Buttowood in the wee pre-dawn hours, I saw people who were actually just going home from their night on the town.)  After baking for a few hours, Jeanne needed to run to Hyvee to buy whole milk and fresh raspberries and buy us each large iced coffees if we had any hope of finishing all the Mother's Day orders.  Jeanne locked the door behind her and I continued whisking eggs.  I hear her unlock the door and paid no attention because I know her well enough to know this means she has forgotten a) her keys, or b) her phone, or c) her glasses, or d) all of the above.  What I didn't expect was her to scream at me "hey, you should come take a picture of this!!"

I really couldn't get to the door quickly enough because all I kept thinking is WHAT COULD IT BE??  Being neighbors with a 24-hour laundromat provides all varieties of entertainment...but she was excited/happy and yelling and so I felt like I could rule out a) emergency personnel, or b) structure fire, or c) lurking robbers, or d) all of the above.  Instead I found:


And if you aren't even sure what you are looking at, no worries...I didn't either.  This guy was there to repaint all the lines on the parking lot and OH MY WORD...we almost wept tears of joy.  It is no secret that 3601 Buttonwood has had a fair share of vacancies over the past few years. The parking spot lines were quickly fading away and the parking lot just felt a little dusty and forgotten (uh, probably because it was).

But if you recall, we pay common charges for that parking lot each month.  And for $243 a month, I felt our overall common area should be spruced up a bit to look a little more inviting and 100% less skeevy.  And apparently someone at Silent Stan's agreed with me (however reluctantly).  Or was completely coincidental and Silent Stan couldn't really care less that I was leading the bandwagon to new parking line paint.  But whatever, because a little paint makes a lot of difference...


And if new paint wasn't enough to be completely over-the-moon about, today someone showed up and power washed the sidewalks.  WHAT?  I know, right?  Whatever is going on behind the scenes for the massive spring cleaning...well, we accept.

So, that the new parking lines and freshly scrubbed sidewalks make us so very happy that I was actually excited to blog about it for you, well...we take the good where we can find it.  CLEARLY.  But, in our defense, two major improvements to our common space occurred without any yelling on our part and without any writing checks on our part...and it seems that those two things never happen.

Thanks, Silent Stan for dusting your property up and giving it a small upgrade.  100% less skeevy is a major selling point, in our humble opinions.