One Month...

You know that scene in the first Back to the Future at the final dance, where Marty McFly is starting to fade away - in fact, starting to completely disappear from his family photo - while at the "Enchantment Under The Sea" dance? 350x700px-LL-d08cb7c6_hand


I've felt a little fading Marty McFly-ish for the past few days.  Getting up at 4 am for several days in a row doesn't become me in the least (rather it makes me a little needy).  That said, just like Marty completely rebounds as his future parents kiss on the dance floor, I rebounded with about 12 hours of sleep yesterday and feel much more like myself today.  And the people said amen.

So, yesterday marked the one month anniversary of PJP Buttonwood.  I know, right?  To be completely honest, May is one of my least favorite months because of all the recitals and graduations and the school year coming to an end and it is really just a big 31 day reminder that time does not stand still for anyone.

One month at PJP month feels like a milestone.  A milestone that we navigated 30 days of not knowing what we are doing and it all turned out better-than-ok.  So let's do some celebratory acknowledgments to everyone who rolled through the last 30 days with us...

  1. To our families:  we sort of turned your lives upside down with PJP.  You've had to deal with endless pie discussions, long hours, pizza delivery for dinner, and days where clean laundry was sparse.  WE KNOW.  We promise we will make it all worth it to you.
  2. To our Inner Circle peeps...yeah, you know who you are:  look, you are simply the best.
  3. To Susan and Wayne and Glenn at Heubert Builders: you built us the space that feels like part of us.  And you believed in us.  The karma in PJP Buttonwood is all warm and fuzzy and that is because of you.
  4. To all the subcontractors who have been back to hang light fixtures, examine plumbing, and utter words like "we will do whatever you want us to do."  Sometimes we just like hearing that.
  5. To Silent Stan:  you painted some lines in the parking lot, power washed the sidewalk, and the lawn looks nice.  You will probably spend more on jet fuel tomorrow than PJP will net all year, but thanks for keeping our rent reasonable.
  6. To people that make commercial dishwashers, wherever you may be: if I had to wash all the dishes we've dirtied in baking pie from scratch, I would have thrown in the literal (and figurative) towel by now.  I contend the restaurant industry exists solely because you can rent dishwashers for $99.99 a month.
  7. To The Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell, Iron and Wine, The Oh Hellos, The National,  and The Civil Wars:  your songs have been the soundtrack to our last 30 days.  Now your songs and our opening weeks are inexplicably intertwined in my thoughts.  And that is a good thing.
  8. To our customers:  WE HAVE NO WORDS.  You've supported us and believed in us and thought of us for your celebrations and parties and events and brought your friends in and stopped by on the way home for pie and you've chatted with us and believed in us and made us love PJP Buttonwood.
  9. To our Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and blog readers:  you have shared us, re-tweeted us, and blasted blog links all around the world.  Don't think we don't notice it, because we do and oh my word, WE APPRECIATE IT.
  10. Finally, to anyone who has sent positive thoughts our way.  We feel it, so thank you.  Internet hugs and kisses back to you..