Happy Hour

By my very nature, I am a social person.  Leave me alone too long and I fall to the side of the spectrum that is binge watching Netflix and eating Crunchy Cheetos straight from the bag while crying when no one in my Inner Circle texts me.  Jeanne is the complete opposite of me...she could not see another human for DAYS and she would probably just use the time to carve a massive sculpture out of sheet metal and then weld it together and wire it with electricity using only YouTube as her guide.  For the most part, we strike a good balance together...she knows that I might waste 15 minutes having a "When Harry Met Sally" quote-a-thon with a customer, but I'm in a better mood for it.  I know that she likes to roll dough and bake pies and that I should only drag her into a front counter duties if I genuinely need help. Likewise, we are trying to strike a good balance between PJP V. 1.0 and PJP V. 2.0.  Special social events were never a thing in the first Peggy Jean's and it is an area that I would really like to see PJP Buttonwood consider, develop, and create.  While I've got some big ideas for birthday parties, date nights, and girl's nights out, I thought best to start with something pretty easy, but with guaranteed fun.

That said, add "PJP Pie Happy Hour" to your summer plans.  On the third Thursday each month, we will be open for a ticketed event from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  We will limit registration to 30 or so people, so it will be an intimate event and you'll get to meet other pie lovers from across the greater Columbia metropolitan area.  For a $20 ticket price, you will get to hang out and try 15 different types of pie...each as much as you want until you can take no more.  We will supply bottled water and we considering either a cash bar from a local winery or the possibility of simply doing a light BYOB.

So if you are like Jeanne, you may be thinking "why?"  And here is why...

  1. Excellent opportunity to try ALL THE PIE.  Maybe you love Sour Cream Raisin and you don't even know it yet because you've never gotten to try it...
  2. Great event for the commitment shy.  Ever think twice before spending $17 on a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie because you really have no idea if you will like it?  A tasting party solves that problem.
  3. We plan to make those 15 pie varieties into bite-sized tarts, so you can look elegant while eating pie and drinking wine.  Not having a plate, a fork, a napkin, and a drink in your hand automatically makes something look more elegant.
  4. Thursdays in Columbia in the summer = boring.  Where else can you go with drinks and dessert for a reasonable price downtown?
  5. What if you are single and your future husband plans on going to the event?  Not going could seriously alter your life plan?

So, here are the details on the event.

When:  Thursday, June 19th, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Where:  PJP Buttonwood

Who:  All ages are welcome.  Light BYOB or limited cash bar will be available.

Price:  $20 per adult with pre-order...$25 if not registered.

Tickets:  Email me at rebecca@pjpies.com or watch the Facebook page for the event registration link.  You can also call the shop at 447-PIES to register.

What You Need To Bring:  Just yourself.  And an appetite.

The registration button for this first ever Pie Happy Hour should available tomorrow.  Consider adding the event to your calendar for an amazing opportunity to meet new friends (and love new pies)....