Extra Postage Not Required...

Dear Mom - As you know from the number of orders we took at PJP Buttonwood today, this Sunday is Mother's Day.  And since we spend about 17 hours a day making pie, baking pie, boxing pie, and discussing pie, you can probably guess that the odds I make it to Hallmark tomorrow to buy you a card are pretty slim.  And that said, does Hallmark even make a card for our unique relationship?  It is hard to put "hey mom, you are my bestie, but you still give mom advice and occasionally you make me crazy, but you also make me laugh really hard and I never get sick of you" on a pink card with flowers all over it.  And even if they did, it would probably be one of those odd shaped cards that requires extra postage...and then it would just be awkward because I never have stamps and I get them from your purse anyway.

There is an exceptionally short list of people in this world that I would like to look at every morning at 4 am and then for the next 16 hours...five days a week (unless you are also sleeping on my couch, then make that 19 hours).   This is my way of saying you are a pretty cool chick.  You also have more grit and determination than any person I've ever met...and when I need it, you have enough to give me an entire helping of that determination.  I have no idea where you find all that strength, but I'm smart enough to know that being a strong woman in this world is a quality to admire the most in a person.

On at least seven separate occasions since we opened PJP Buttonwood three weeks ago, you have made me laugh so hard that I've actually cried tears.  In fact, most of the funniest things I've ever witnessed in my entire life include some sort of shenanigan centered around you.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have also had some epic fights and then we completely recover in a few minutes...most of the time though, we track along just fine.  Which is helpful when we are trying to build a pie empire.

Beyond being smart and hilarious and relentless, you still can amaze me.  The thing with the light fixture at PJP Buttonwood?  The whole "yeah, I'll just go build that industrial sized light fixture out of plumbing pipe" thing?  Blows my mind.  I've seen you do some crazy stuff, but that is at the top of the list.  We've both been so creative on this entire PJP V 2.0 project, I don't even know where you got the inner whatever to just fashion up a $2,000 light fixture.  And I'm fairly certain that when you got to my house that same day, you folded all my fitted sheets in the linen closet because it makes you totally crazy that I just wad them up when they come out of the dryer.

So, on this eve of the day before Mother's Day, thanks for doing all this with me.  For baking pies, for sharing legal responsibility to Silent Stan for $1560.83 a month for the next 56 months, and for finding enough within you to still be my mom and not just my full-time business partner.

I'll see in six hours.  If you want, I'll even stop on my way in and buy you some 4 am gas station coffee.

Love always...