I Should Be Sleeping...

By all accounts, I should be asleep right now (rather, I'm blogging and listening to The National on Spotify).  Earlier today, KRCG (http://www.connectmidmissouri.com) called and asked if we would like to appear on their morning program and do three short live baking segments - one at 5:40, one at 6:20, and one at 6:40.  Tomorrow.  And because we are the kind of kind of girls that thrive on short notice, little sleep, and mild-to-moderate anxiety, we said "sure!" and made plans to meet the television crew at The Elks Lodge at 5 am (seven hours from now). After we hung up the phone, it occurred to us that we should probably figure out what we want to bake in our segments and so we have settled on blueberry, rhubarb, and pecan.  The dough recipe won't be revealed (PJP secret that doesn't exist in written form), but we will roll some dough, flute some shells, and share how to make the fillings.  All of this is in honor of tomorrow being March 14th...3/14...3.14...Pi day...get it?  I hope my brain works sufficiently tomorrow morning at 5 am to laugh at the host's jokes AND explain how to make a pecan pie.  I've mentally run through my list of coffee places and I don't think any are open prior to 5 am and this concerns me greatly.

After the KRCG excitement, it probably wasn't 30 minutes before KOMU called and asked to do a story on our construction process.  Don't you think that is odd that they both called on the same day?  Fortunately for KOMU, booking something with KRCG completely doesn't impact our availability or our deal for being microphoned and talking about Industrial Chic designs and pie dough.  While I worked on some other things, Jeanne went over to PJP Buttonwood to meet Alex  and do a quick interview.  If you missed it at 6 or 10, the power of modern multi-media lets you get all the details right here:  http://www.komu.com/news/peggy-jean-s-pies-starts-construction/.

So on to shop updates for Day 3:  Construction.  I dropped by this afternoon and celebrated even more duct work:



Even more holes in the floor:





And some new holes in the drywall:



Whomever coined the phrase "it is the darkest before dawn" was clearly in the midst of a commercial building project.  My whole rant of "it is a 1,000 square foot rectangle" has proven only that I had no idea what was in store for us.

Tomorrow, I would like some running water.  And by around 2 pm, I bet I want a nap.  A really long nap.