Ducts. And slabs.

It is the second day of construction at PJP Buttonwood and progress is underway.  I stopped by late this afternoon after Glenn and his crew had left for the day.  I love the thrill of discovering what has been done in the space and today didn't disappoint.  For starters, check this out: photo-16


What you are looking at is the ductwork for our much discussed three ton HVAC system.  While the heating and air unit is located on the roof, there was no actual ductwork into the space (and for the most part it has been about two degrees or so each time we've been in there over the winter).  Not only do we have ductwork, we have a thermostat on the wall (it is the little things, people).  The ductwork will stay exposed as part of our Industrial Chic design.  We knew going into this that the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC would be the biggest part of putting the space together.  Progress on the HVAC equals feeling like we have progress overall on the entire project.  We pretty much stood under it and marveled that it was finally there.



The other big change today is a whole lot of busted up (drilled up?  jackhammered up? dug up?) concrete for plumbing.



Pipes will run through these new trenches for the sink, the dishwasher, and the mop sink.  We are also having a floor drain put under the sink area for easy floor cleaning.  Once the pipes are laid, new concrete will be poured and that is what I really can't wait for because, as you can guess, I completely plan to write something in the wet concrete for posterity's sake.  I have no idea what just yet, but I've got some thoughts rolling around.  Now that I view the available space, I'm tempted to be long winded and put something meaningful in that stretch of space in front of where the commercial sink will go.  I basically foresee an excellent opportunity to spend a lot of time on Pinterest in the name of research.

As a complete aside, Jeanne and I both looked at those slabs of cut concrete and said to each other "I wonder what they are going to do with those?"  If the answer is nothing, then we want them so we can do something.  I have no idea what the something is just yet, but I guarantee we can use them in some cool way.

Update:  It is now 37 minutes later.  Don't ever put "concrete slab" into the search bar on Pinterest unless you want to see more design ideas that you ever dreamed possible.  I saw a lot of things I liked, but nothing I loved.  Does anyone have any cool ideas on how to repurpose the cut out concrete?  Feel free to comment or email me at rebecca@pjpies.com.  The same goes if you just want to drop me a note to tell me we are crazy for wanting them and we should really just have Glenn send them to wherever concrete goes to die...