I Need Crayons

I had the best intentions to blog on Friday night but by the time I could actually sit down and start, I felt like I had been awake for 3,592.387 hours.  When you get up at 3:50 am, 10:40 pm seems like two lifetimes later. anigif_enhanced-16557-1394749959-8

We met the KRCG crew at 4:50 this morning at the Elks Lodge and I am happy to say that we had more fun than anyone should really have before drinking a venti iced coffee.  Our reporter, Ryan, was completely delightful and for the most part we forgot that the cameras were even there.  We were just ourselves and baking pie.  Just with a lot of makeup on and with no coffee and in the pre-dawn hours.  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason posted a link to the broadcast from Youtube to our PJP Facebook page.  Neither of us have watched it, and if you choose to watch, please don't hold our under eye circles against us.

In other news not related to our stunted sleep schedule, our commercial dishwasher arrived on Friday afternoon.


We are a little biased, but we think she is beautiful and once she has her shrink-wrap removed and is settled in her fancy custom designed dishwasher corner, she will be even more fabulous. If we lived near an ocean, and we were dudes, this is how we would feel about our dishwasher...


In more interesting and fun news, we actually found some great retail fixtures for sale on Craigslist and got to stop by and see them on Friday.  We ended up buying a three-tier display table, a big rack thing that spins (that is the technical industry term for that, you know), two bookshelves, and a bunch of wooden crates.  This purchase is part of our plan to create a super-cute, super-fun, and unique retail area in the front 20 feet of the space.  We both have a vision in our heads.  We are equal parts challenged and equal parts terrified to turn that vision into a reality...the original PJP never had a retail area, so this is new territory for us both.  We are still working on the assumption that April 10th will be our official opening date.

We have an INSANE list of things to do in order to be ready on April 10th.  I basically need a person to follow me around and write down all the random things that go through my mind when thinking about getting ready to open.  Because we can't afford that person, I've been using Siri.  One of the things she reminded me of was the need for a sign.  Our contractor suggested we use Impact Signs and so after calling, I sent over our logo and our lease specifications for sign allowances.  My only request was that it not cost a billion dollars and the guy laughed and said he would see what he could do.  Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason guesses it will cost $8,000 - $10,000.




Yeah, no.  If that is the case, I'll draw bubble letters on a big piece of paper and laminate it and hang it up.  (That sounded worse when I read than when I thought about it in my head.  Let's hope Impact Signs has some options that we can actually afford).

Speaking of front entrances, I found this clip on the Internet and laughed until I cried.  Enjoy.