I'm A Pro...

Today's post is brought to you by my best friend, Procrastination.  When you have a huge baking schedule staring you in the face and feel a little overwhelmed, Procrastination is really your sister-from-another-mister.  How else can I avoid blind baking shells but by analyzing Pinterest trends for "walls made from old pallets"?  (It is possible that Pinterest isn't actually an "idea sharing tool" but an evil plot by the other world powers to make us so distracted by mason jars and cute manicure ideas that we don't even notice a shift in the world stage and all of a sudden, we are all neutral on everything and Switzerland has all the decisions.) http://i371.photobucket.com/albums/oo152/dbobo2/procrastination.gif

In all seriousness, I had some mild panic this morning about what the shop is actually supposed to look like.  We are both really good about the theory of things...IN THEORY, we know what we envision.  IN THEORY, we know what we want to do.  IN THEORY, we have a grand plan.  In reality, we start to waver before we pull the trigger and then email each other a bunch of links from random websites and have long and meaningful conversations about whether we could revamp an old grocery store checkout lane to be a front counter...conveyer belt and all.  Some people do better with less options.  We are those people.

(And as I type this, an email notification from Jeanne popped up and the subject line says:  "LOOK AT ALL THIS METAL WORK!!!")

I think we need one of two things:

  1. Someone who will allow us to lay on their floor and allow all the design things going on in our brains to seep out all over the place and then they can capture it, put it in a nice package, and tell us what to do.  I believe these people are called "interior designers".  I've watched enough HGTV to know when I need a mood board.
  2. Someone who will bake all of the pies while we waste hours upon hours debating the merits of different design elements.

Alas, since we are saving all of our bank for a delivery truck, neither will probably happen (but the thought was sweet).

I do believe in our first official act of PJP-dom, we are going to buy some pallets tomorrow.  Lucky's is willing to sell them to us at $1.50 a pallet.  We don't know how many we will need, but we envision the front space (basically the front 20 feet), covered in wood.  Jeanne is ready to go buy them, take them directly to the space, rip them off, and start glueing them to the wall.  And then I said "hey, does the electrician have to put the outlets in first or can he just drill through it all?" and she said "Oh."  And the wheels to grand progress grinded to a halt.

Our contractors probably just died a thousand deaths reading this.  We are sorry, Wayne and Susan...you might want to call me after reading this, because this time tomorrow, I'm going to have a lot of pallets, several tubes of wood glue, and an anxious Jeanne.  No promises I can stop anything...