Goal Setting

I go to Lucky's every day. Every.



If you care to know, I typically drop my kids at school and then go directly to Lucky's and so I'm there usually a bit before 8 am.  (A complete aside note for those of you in Columbia...WHAT THE HECK WITH THE TRAFFIC IN THIS TOWN IN THE MORNINGS?  The congestion at  Providence/Stadium makes me want to lay down and cry for all of us.)

Each morning, I park in the lot at Lucky's.  And then depending on how much pie I have stacked in the back of my Tahoe, I go and get two or three grocery carts.  Then I load those pies in the grocery carts.  Lucky's asks that all vendors enter in the side door at Receiving for the product to be checked in (I only figured that out after using the front door like a total goofball for two weeks and then the kind gentleman who runs Receiving was all "yeah, so you have to use the side door."  Oh.  Who knew? ).

So basically, from the parking lot to the front of Lucky's and then take a left to the side of the store and then go down a very long elevated sidewalk to the big garage door and ring the bell.  Sounds easy...but add in that it is usually 10 degrees, windy, and snowy...also that I never let my phone or sunglasses leave my hands, AND that pushing three grocery carts is really unwieldy.  It feels a little like this, except imagine me freezing (well, and with pies instead of a basketball).


So what's my point?  The point is I have a startling confession:  I sorta want a delivery truck.  And a delivery driver.  Then we could use that fancy delivery drop off parking at Lucky's reserved for big trucks AND I bet seasoned delivery drivers never forget gloves when it is snowing or worry that they are going to get their Uggs muddy in the slush.

We don't know anything about delivery trucks except what we've gleaned from watching Shipping Wars on A&E.  We lack a CDL license and are unclear about how you hire a delivery driver (are steel toed shoes part of the benefit package?).

As for affording it, that is a whole separate problem.  Here is the cheapest option on eBay:


This 1988 P30 Chevy Box Truck is a mere $2,250 on eBay.  That said, I can't begin to imagine our faces plastered on the side of that sucker.  True to form, I quickly discovered something about a million times more expensive, but exponentially more attractive.


This truck is listed for $72,500.  That's approximately 3,625 pies.

I have to bake now.  Goals, people!