Let Us Never Speak Of It Again.

If you thought you heard the the hoof beats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse today, there is no need to worry.  They were simply here to herald the fact that THE CITY STARTED TO REVIEW OUR PLANS TODAY. thatssotrue_com_1257_1329759570



The joy of opening a food establishment in Boone County, Missouri is two-fold...not only do you get a city inspector, you also get a food safety inspector from the health department.  Hey, the more, the merrier, right?


As you would expect, they both already have questions about our plans.  First up, specs on light fixtures for our baking area.  Our mechanical plans apparently reference a very poor choice in light fixture.  Somewhere along the way, whomever drew these up got the impression that we would be okay with fluorescent lighting.  Here is the specific fixture for our baking space, as referenced by the mechanical plans:



Let us all have a moment of silence.

My soul hurts looking at that fixture.  It is uninspiring, institutional, and doesn't do anyone's complexion any favors.  Thankfully Contractor Susan quickly thought "WHHAAAAAT?" and emailed me about this injustice in mechanical planning.  How about this instead?






Let us never speak of tube lighting on this blog again.

Second question - ceilings.  According to the health department, exposed ceilings are acceptable if cleaned regularly but the inspector felt we might be happier with a drop ceiling created from vinyl coated ceiling tiles.



No, we wouldn't be happier with vinyl coated anything.  We are vehemently anti-Team Vinyl.  If we have to figure out how to walk on stilts, swing on a trapeze, or pay a pack of specialists with scaffolding to clean the exposed beam ceiling, it would be preferable to stifling our Industrial Chic space with a drop ceiling.  We have a vision, and vinyl coated tiles aren't part of it.  Team Exposed Beams forever.

I can't wait to see what questions come next!  And I'm not even being sarcastic because questions about our plans equals progress on our plans.  And I'll answer questions all day long...as long as we don't discuss florescent light fixtures again.  Ever.