Blog Official...

Remember way back to the chilly days of the fall and we all sent collective mental energy to Contractor Steve that his bid for our space not be super expensive?  And then that didn't actually work out and so then we had no contractor?  And then I got on my soapbox that perhaps I would just try to contract the space myself?  And then we all thought that probably wasn't a good idea? Well.

We have some news.

Shortly after I wrote the whole "perhaps I'll just order Contracting for Dummies and do it myself" blog post, Susan Hart from HBI Huebert Builders sent me an email that had the five magical words I had been waiting to hear..."I want to help you."  Ummm...yes, please.  Turns out she is a PJP customer, a blog reader, and we have some mutual friends in common.  And she happens to be a part of Huebert Builders, a legit commercial contracting company (  I think my email response was "YES, PLEASE!" and Susan called me the very next day.  Even better, she and her business partner Wayne Huebert met us at the Buttonwood location later that afternoon.  Within five minutes, Jeanne and I were total smitten kittens for Susan and Wayne's vision for the space.  They are ridiculously creative and smart and fun - our favorite kind of people.

If the world worked according to my will, I would tell you that we immediately all became besties, construction permits rained from the sky, there were no Excel spreadsheets for budget, and the work was done two weeks later.  Hahahahaahhaahhahahaahahahahaha.

In reality, we needed mechanical drawings.  And permits.  And bids for subcontractors.  And to make decisions about equipment and fixtures and display units.  And to talk about the HVAC unit 3,814 times.

And today, this:


A meeting of the minds and a decision to be in a blog official relationship.  And to ice the cake?  SOME SORT OF WORK MIGHT START TOMORROW.  Even if we just stand in the space and look at each other and then clean the toilet and windex the front door, I will feel progress.  Sweet, sweet, sweet progress.

We are beyond excited for all the obvious reasons, but also because Susan and Wayne are really creative and they don't seem to think that either of us are odd in our vision for the space or for our long-term vision for PJP.

Welcome to the Inner Circle, Susan and Wayne:)