The Countess Dowager

We basically spent our weekend thinking about that apple peeling machine and watching the YouTube video while marveling at the whole 12-19 apples-a-minute thing.  We also discussed all the legit reasons that we should own that marvel of modern machinery. Givetome

The company emailed me back this morning and provided pricing.  The number? $4,795...not as high as we were expecting and so we were encouraged.  Does this mean I ordered it today?  No.  That is still a chunk of change to spend on an apple peeler.  Then I think back to one week ago today when we were peeling apples at the Elks Lodge and I would have traded the contents of my house for someone to finish peeling all the apples and it seems much more reasonable to just go ahead and order.  The plan is to see if we can find some used equipment, like our ovens, and perhaps that would free up some funds for our beloved apple peeler.  If we get her, you'll know because I plan to rope her off with red velvet ropes, give her a spotlight, and name her something regal like Countess Dowager Appletini.  

I also got calls today from Real Estate Agent Mel and Contractor Steve (I don't get it - on Friday, no one calls me and today I heard from six of my seven favorite people AND Real Estate Agent Mel and Contractor Steve).  Let's talk about Mel and Steve for a minute - I had a mild meltdown on Real Estate Agent Mel on Friday that may or may not have included me yelling that I was going to freak out if we didn't have a key to the Buttonwood location by January 2nd.  Perhaps my borderline crazy behavior lead to some action because as of right now, after a lot of discussion and planning over the weekend, our best and final offer has been sent over to Silent Stan.  According to Mel, we could hear an answer any time (which just leads to me checking my email every 4.2 seconds).  I am so hopeful that on the very last day of 2013, we hear an answer that helps plan the future of Peggy Jean's Pies 2.0 in 2014.