Waxing Poetic...

I'm making an Interwebs confession here...I don't care for New Year's.  At all.  It is hard to find a champagne that isn't terribly dry, the year-end speaks too much to the melancholy in me, and there is so much pressure to have an event that ends AND starts your year in a phenomenal way.  I blame it all on too many views of "When Harry Met Sally" and at the very end, Harry runs into a fancy party to tell Sally he loves her and that since he has figured out that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, he wants the rest of his life to start RIGHT NOW.  (Sorry if that was a major spoiler for you, but if you haven't seen it by now, we really need to talk). Another thing that gets me about the year-end?  All the waxing poetic.  I can't bear to think of how much my children have grown or how I've aged another year or how the truth seems to be that time does start to go more quickly as you get older.  I pretty much still think 10 years ago was the 1990s and that we are hours away from 2014?  Well...it sort of breaks my heart.

A year ago...eight months ago...six months ago...I would have fallen off my chair laughing if you told me that I would be blogging this on the Peggy Jean's website because um...I would have never believed Peggy Jean's would exist again.  If someone said to me that I either a) would be nominated for Time Magazine's Person of the Year, OR b) would raise $10,000 on Kickstarter and be thisclose to making Peggy Jean's Version 2.0 a reality...well, I probably would have paused, laughed, and put my money on Option A.  Because seriously, how could one conversation with Jeanne in September turn into what the last four months have been?

Well, because of you.  You reading this.  You following on us on Facebook and Twitter.  You backing us on Kickstarter.  You believing in this whole thing and in turn, allowing us to believe in this whole thing.  You who have opinions about Contractor Steve and Industrial Chic design and hold out hope that soon you will be able to walk into a physical location and buy a baby gooseberry pie.  You who now know where the Elks Lodge is located and who will appreciate the irony that Jeanne and her husband have become Elks members.  You who liked our Prime magazine cover and you who came to bake with us at the Culinary Adventure Center.  You who read the blog and tell me that you like reading it each day.  You who emailed thoughts and suggests for our future.  You who encouraged us along and never questioned our sanity.  And you who simply sent us good vibes...whether you know us in real life or not.  And most of all, for those of you who do know us and listened to all the good and all the bad and liked us anyway.

Thank you.  This waxing poetic is just for you.  Cheers to AH-MAZ-ING things for us all in 2014.

Happy New Year.