http://youtu.be/KS6f1MKpLGM If you showed up here with breathless anticipation of how much that apple peeler costs, get in line behind the rest of us.  The company didn't email me or call me today and given my desperate email, I probably wouldn't have been in any hurry to interrupt my holiday week festivities and call me back either.  It is like when you go buy a new car or house and you aren't supposed to look super eager - I never really mastered that skill.  I'm sure they read my email and thought "oh, her...huh...well we can probably just call her on Monday because she is still really going to want it next week too."

I also made a call today about finding a different retail location.  I know...I know...it probably should have been done a month ago, but I believed in Silent Stan and I really thought we would never roll into 2014 without a lease.  And we may not be totally out of the Buttonwood space - we are waiting for the mechanical engineers to analyze our equipment and then decide if we need a bigger HVAC system - it seems like perhaps we should start seriously considering some other options in town.

Chief Brand Officer Sherry and her husband know someone in St. Louis who owns some commercial property in town and so I called and he seemed to instantly understand exactly where I was coming from in my Silent Stan woes.  He asked that I call his local property manager - she would show us some options and then if anything looked good, he would come in from St. Louis to discuss with us.  So I did.

And she didn't call me back.


Everyone that knows me fairly well knows that I'm not a phone person...I'm a texter and emailer.  That said, I have about six or seven people in this world for whom I happily talk on the phone with (and if you are reading this, you totally know who you are, you seven-ish people).  So the irony of me blogging about how no one called me back all day?  It is all very Alanis Morissette.  I spend most of my time hoping no one calls me and today, I just wanted to be called.



Seriously though, I got a lot of great location suggestions from customers during pie pickup on Monday and Tuesday and so if you have something in mind, don't be shy and leave it in the comments or email me at rebecca@pjpies.com.  We don't want it to cost a billion dollars per month, require that we secure the lease with our personal homes or our kidneys, and I would like to stay in Southwest Columbia if at all possible.  We only need about 1,000 square feet and it needs to be owned by someone who isn't interested in disagreeing about HVAC systems for days upon end.

I've also watched enough House Hunters on HGTV to know that every single realtor and landlord in the great Columbia metro area just rolled their eyes after reading the above paragraph.  But it must be possible, right?  Or maybe this whole "can't find a place to rent" thing is what is behind the food truck movement in this country.  You don't enjoy someone's parking lot?  Just drive off.  Alas, making pies in a moving truck does not compel us on any level and I prefer to use my Kitchenaid when stationary.  So, a retail location it is.

Ideas?  Bueller...Bueller???