The Sound of Silence

continues and it is just as silent as it was yesterday at this time.  I did have to send in some more financial information this morning and I'm fully expecting a request for a blood and hair sample tomorrow.  (Just kidding.  Sorta.) To all of you who warned us that this lease process wouldn't be as easy as we thought, I am here to say:  YOU WERE RIGHT.  I am the official winner of the "Holy crap, She's Naive" contest because I really thought "meh, it is 1,000 square feet, how hard could it be?"  LESSON.  LEARNED.

I'm fairly obsessed with the details of the lease deal and find myself constantly analyzing businesses that I drive past in a "well, they figured it out and they have a business that is open and functioning" sort of way.  Then I check my email on my phone, see no "CONGRATULATIONS, HERE IS YOUR LEASE" email from Mel and boom, I'm all...


(On a complete side-note, I'm guessing Mel's email won't come with that subject line, but how awesome would it be if it did?)

In other news, I have no other news.  I do have a dining room full of retail merchandise, a thousand pie tins, and Sam's sized containers of cinnamon and vanilla.  I also have the email address of the Elks Club, wherein I verified the availability of the commercial kitchen for Christmas pie baking and pickup if need be.

Surely, tomorrow will be the day that we hear something, don't you think?  And here is something I hadn't even really considered until the last few days...what if Silent Stan speaks and says "NO!" Anything is possible.  Maybe he hates pies.  Maybe he read the blog and now he wishes to not transact business with someone who alerts the Interwebs to his "Silent Stan" nickname.  Maybe he thinks we are renegade business starters with no intent to actually follow through because we don't have any interests in accounts with deferred comp.  Maybe he fell on the floor laughing because we don't even know what interest in accounts with deferred comp are.  Maybe he doesn't want to move all his stuff out of storage that he keeps in our proposed location.

Then I realize that it is entirely more likely that he doesn't have a clue who Peggy Jean's Pies is and whomever manages that rental is just checking all their boxes and gathering their information.  And that takes time, much to my disappointed impatience.  Right?