Google Earth

Silent Stan Watch 2013 remains...well, silent.  I did get a lot of questions from yesterday's post about where exactly our proposed new location can be found in Columbia.  Because my navigational skills work along the lines of "back there near the Kohl's", I'm about to get all fancy in here and post a map.  I know.   I worked HARD on this map.  Putting this together pushed my technology skills beyond their comfort level, so please don't fall off your chair laughing when you look at it.  I'm fragile in my Silent Stan Watch 2013 state.



Don't judge me.

Google Image

Now, I have no idea while Google Earth places 3601 Buttonwood in the middle of the road, but we don't plan to bake any pies in the road.  I put a heart over the actual space (we think it is Suite E, but we aren't sure and neither is the City of Columbia - does that make anyone else nervous?).  That grassy spot by the Sonic is the alleged site of my Starbucks of Hopes and Dreams.

We love this location for a lot of reasons, the least being that it is near Diet Cherry Limeades and Hyvee Salad Bar. It also has parking and all the benefits of visibility to traffic headed east on Nifong without the rent cost of being directly on Nifong (that will cost you an extra couple grand a month...Silent Stan is also Rich Stan).

To otherwise occupy ourselves during Silent and Rich Stan Watch 2013, we FINALLY finished out our Kickstarter Thank You cards.  If you were a Kickstarter backer, then be watching for yours to arrive in the mail in the next few days!