Glacial Pace.

So, did you click on this post with baited breath to see what Silent Stan had to say to us today about our lease negotiations?  If so, I completely understand because I checked my email approximately 4,213,037 times for Silent Stan's response throughout my day as well.


Just a big serving of silence.

With a side of silence.

Followed by a dessert of silence.

And a post-silence cocktail of silence.

This is all I have to say on the subject to Stan and crew:

Miranda Priestly

Let's talk about other cheery items that don't involve credit checks or waiting for insanely long amounts of time.  Ready?

1)  Jeanne worked on a new pie today and is AH-MAZ-ING.  We are planning to call it the "Tiger Stripe" and you'll see why when I show you the picture.  In short, it is our famous pie crust, brushed with a layer of custom created caramel sauce.  Then, thinly sliced fresh apples are layered on the caramel in a pattern.  As it bakes, the caramel oozes and the apples brown a bit.  I think it is beautiful!

Tiger Stripe

2) Other items in our development pipeline include a new wooden, eco-friendly pie box.  These boxes were custom designed by Jeanne and her husband, Dale.  Each box is sized to hold a 12 inch pie securely, so that you can transport it with more stability than offered by a traditional bakery box.  Because they are solid wood, you will reuse your pie box for infinity, thereby avoiding throwing out a 12x12x5 cardboard box each time you purchase.  We plan to offer the boxes in our retail space in different colors, with or without leather handles, and with or without the Peggy Jean's Pies name on top.  Without question, a pie in an unique re-usable wooden box makes for a thoughtful gift.  Really, it is a gift that keeps on giving, Clark (10 bonus points if you caught that movie reference, by the way).  Now, these pics are of the very first prototypes, but I can't help but to share...

Pie Box 1



Pie Box 2


I'm glad Jeanne was productive today, as I was too distracted/obsessed by Silent Stan.  Tomorrow, right?  Surely we will hear something by the end of tomorrow?