Kickstarter Has Launched...

So...ahem...hi.  We have an announcement to make this morning.  I tried to devise a number of quirky and witty ways to share our announcement, akin to all the clever gender reveal cakes that cover Pinterest now.  But honestly, I've got nothing except an excited eardrum damaging squeal.  Because... WE LAUNCHED THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN THIS MORNING.  Shouting intended.  It felt a little like this:

And in all manners of Kickstarter glory, here you go:

Please visit our project, donate if you are able (check out the AHHHH-MAAAZ-ING donor rewards!), and send the link to anyone that you think might be interested.  The campaign is open until November 4th.  Your card will not be charged until that time and if the project doesn't fully fund, your card will NEVER be charged (and we will be sad).  Be a part of our journey!