Get Your Pass To The Inner Circle!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our TEN fabulous backers since we launched Kickstarter on Saturday!  You completely blew away our expectations by funding 5% of our project for an INSANE total of $586 dollars.  You guys?  There are no words for our thanks.  In no particular order, here is our Inner Circle Monday Shout Out: 1.  Marianne and Steve Friedman 2.  Fred Seaman 3.  Casey Clark 4.  Sharon Kinden 5.  Eric Seaman 6.  Dita (we don't know Dita or her last name, but we love her) 7.  Colleen (we don't know Dita or her last name, but we love her) 8.  Sherry and Kirk Kudrna 9.  Denice (we don't know Denice or her last name, but we love her) 10.  Charlotte Wagster

So, I was running and thinking this morning that you Inner Circle people really ought to get something super fantastic awesome for your Kickstarter help.  Yeah, we know that we have some AHHH-MAAZZ-ING rewards available on Kickstarter for varying donation levels and you, of course, will receive those.  But something else...something truly awesome for your awesome support.  And here it is:

For every person that donates to our Kickstarter campaign, you will receive a special "Peggy Jean's Inner Circle" card.  Consider it to be as elusive as the black American Express no limits card, but much easier to obtain.  Who cares about a plastic card?  You.  Because it is going to get you into an exclusive pie, cocktail, and new shop viewing party.  Date to be determined...exclusivity guaranteed.  Maybe we will get a red carpet but we will definitely get a bartender and bake a whole lot of pies.

Freaking out because you know this party will be THE PARTY of the fall?  Back us on Kickstarter today with a single dollar or more! Visit and search for "Bring Back Peggy Jean's" or click on this link: