Flashback Friday...

That's a thing, right?  Flashback Friday?  Or I am just callously ripping off Throwback Thursday and convincing myself that Flashback Friday is also a legit social media thing?  Though, I think we can just throw a hashtag in front of any phrase, and boom, it's a thing. I came across this gem today...

Several thoughts:

1)  Because I spent significant time cropping and cleaning up this image today, it must mean our Kickstarter campaign is THISCLOSE to being finished.  Anyone who might claim Kickstarter is an easy way to secure funding has clearly never written a Kickstarter project.  Those people don't play.  We are on Revision #9 and somewhere out there, a person named Terry is looking at what I just sent in and probably thinking up needs for Revision #10.  Jokes aside, Terry has been completely correct about each change and has made our project better and better.  (Also, Terry didn't get shouty at me when I typed in all caps at him at one point).  Terry, you are fast pass'd to the Peggy Jean's Inner Circle.

2)  This picture makes me miss Peg.  I do that all the time anyway - did you know that she was drinking iced coffee before anyone ever considered making or selling iced coffee? - every time I roll into Starbucks and order a venti iced coffee with a shot of vanilla, I feel her smug approval.  Except when she was drinking it, you had to order a separate glass of ice and just add it in with a spoon to your hot coffee yourself.  If that just sent a chill of horror down your spine, I completely understand.

On the subject of Peg, she would hate my beloved Industrial Chic chandelier, but she would BE IN LOVE with this new project.  Most of all, she would lead the bandwagon of those who believe this is going to be awesome.

3)  Let's all take a collective Interwebs deep breath and have a moment of silence for professional hair color.  I love you like crazy, Jeanne Plumley, but you have always been destined to be a blonde.  Oh, and while we are having this awkward conversation, I don't love you enough to wear that standard issue white apron.  Add "procure super cute aprons" to your to-do list, sister.

I'll be back tomorrow with the Kickstarter link (right, Terry?) or maybe Monday (ahem, Terry?)