This Secret Is Only For You...

Hey you...yeah, you...your loyal reading of our pie-baking adventures has pushed our blog to over 500 views in just a week.  I know, right???!!  And I totally didn't even let it count my own views (Blogger is very smart that way).  So to reward you for your support, we have something for you and we are EXCITED to share it.

(I'm sorry...I totally couldn't help myself)

While you may be expecting some sort of Internet validated coupon for free pie or an inner circle invite to come and help us smash a bottle of champagne against the front door of the new store, hold tight...THOSE THINGS ARE TOTALLY COMING.  (And I'm fully aware that smashing champagne bottles is usually reserved for maiden voyages of large is just that I a) enjoy champagne and b) it sounds like a good time.)

So today I'm sharing a drawing of what the proposed space will look like.  As a refresher or for our new friends, here is the space as it sits this very moment:


Here is a rough sketch of the space as we see it.  Think exposed ceilings, barn lighting, concrete countertops, and all manners of industrial detail.  We are considering a totally out-of-the-box wall treatment...perhaps reclaimed barn wood or beat up metal?  Unclear thus far, but something unique for sure.

We have been really back and forth on pie display cases.  An average pie case is just, well, average.  And we aren't interested in average.  We are working on a way to display the pies in an eye-catching, accessible, and unique manner.  And for something that sounds so easy, it really is proving to be just the opposite.

In other news: 1)  Kickstarter wants revisions.  Of course they do.  But their wish is my command. 2)  Are you familiar with Coke Freestyle machines?  They are popping up everywhere and essentially they are these touchscreen soda machines that can literally make thousands of different combinations of beverages.  There are something like 80 basic options (did you even know that diet vanilla ginger ale was a choice?) and you can mix until your heart's desire.  I emailed today to find out how much one of these machines costs.  Not only would our customers love to use it, but let's face it, I could totally put "created thousands of soda combinations" on my bucket list.

Thoughts?  If you can solve my pie display case dilemma, email me immediately.  Or Facebook me.  Or Tweet me.  Or send a carrier pigeon.  I need ideas.