Elaine Benes Excited

This was me a few minutes ago...

We have a-honest-to-goodness-costs-less-than-a-bazillion-dollars architect.  And while I never thought securing an architect could make me Elaine Benes excited, it does.  Primarily because he gets to worry about electrical outlet placement and I can spend copious amounts of time on http://www.barnlightelectric.com/ and send him a bunch of links that he likely will care less about.  So without further ado, let's welcome James Van Hooser of TVP Architects in St. Louis (http://www.tvparchitects.com/) to the Peggy Jean's inner circle.  James, making it to the inner circle is no easy feat.  Congratulations...pecan and lemon meringue pie are yours for life.

Other pertinent items:

I submitted our final project for review to Kickstarter.com this morning and we should have approval in two to three days.  Besides wanting to lay in the fetal position under a blanket when hearing my voice on the video and endlessly questioning my shirt choice, I am EXCITED.  For your visual, it looks a bit like this:

Now the focus is on how to share the Kickstarter campaign once it goes live later this week.  While we will obviously share it here,but  it is going to need a full media assault to be successful.  On my to-do list is to research other successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns to learn the secrets of success.  Any ideas how to lure in the masses without being 1) expensive, 2) annoying, or 3) creepy?  Comments, please!

Finally...we have some professional email addresses.  Rebecca@pjpies.com is my official Peggy Jean's email address....or contact mom at Jeanne@pjpies.com.  On second thought, she still can't figure out how to look at her email on her phone, so if you need something asap, better email me.

We have a drawing the interior of the shop that is SUPER SECRET.  But come back tomorrow...it may be time to share it...