Worth Mentioning

Lately, a single day at PJP has more activity than we could have ever imagined in our earliest days. On Saturday, I just needed the day to be over so I could use Sunday to take a deep breath and put some perspective to our week. And all that perspective gave me a terribly long list of things to work on today, most of which I never finished (which is my way of saying that if I didn’t email you back, I AM THE WORST and my hope springs eternal for tomorrow).

Here’s everything from the last few days worth mentioning (and you wouldn’t even believe all the stuff NOT worth mentioning):

  1. On Friday, PJP Nifong passed all of her electrical inspections, giving us the thumbs up for the next phase: drywall. We are excited because spending a lot of money on electrical work gives you no visual wow, but I have high hopes for the transformation drywall will bring to the space.

  2. Today, we moved in some lockers into PJP Nifong. Lockers have long been on our list of wants so that each person on Team PJP can put their belongings in a private space and not leave them scattered all over the place (like now). Someone sent me a post of some used ones on sale for $240, which is way cheaper than buying new online. So we loaded them up and shoved them through the front door of PJP Nifong today. And left them there because an entire unit of lockers is super heavy and we wore out. I’m not even kidding - they are approximately six inches from the path of the front door.

  3. And while inspections were going on across the parking lot on Friday, I packed up the car with 700 samples of pie and drove to downtown St. Louis for an event with Feast TV. We had so much fun sharing PJP with legions of new fans…and we ran out of samples in less than two hours. We also answered the question “will you have a store in St. Louis soon?” around 600 times. We promised to consider it if PJP Nifong doesn’t kill us.

  4. Also, when Cat Neville of Feast asks to interview you on a jumbo screen, you say yes. Even if you don’t really want to see your upper arms on a 40 foot television screen. Ahem.

  5. It is no surprise that I was tired and short of gumption on Saturday, which was a shame because we had A LOT TO DO. It is such an interesting dichotomy to have so much fun at an event in St. Louis on one night and then the next day, feel like everything is a struggle. I suppose that is the continual two steps forward, one step back of entrepreneurship.

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