Last night we hosted our final regular Epic Pie Tasting at PJP Buttonwood. And to say we’ve come a long way from our first pie tasting back in the summer of 2014 is an UNDERSTATEMENT. In the earliest days, our guests had to help us cut our pies before they went through the line because it actually took us all day to bake 12 different pies. Seriously. Super classy.

Yesterday, we wrapped up our baking early in the afternoon because we’ve gotten a little faster at things as time has passed. Our favorite part of pie tasting events is discovering which new pies are a success and which are total fails. And last night’s win? Chocolate Key Lime. The positive response was so overwhelming that we made it again this morning and added it directly to our refrigerated case with her friends, regular Key Lime and Raspberry Key Lime. We’ve basically got an entire family of Key Lime going on here lately. Goals.

Our big fails of the evening were - and no surprise - Pistachio pie and Cranberry Cream pie. Here’s the truth - pistachio pudding with pineapple and mini marshmallows is just weird. Also, it is reminiscent of the early 1970s in color. And the Cranberry Cream? Well, just sad…though the color was delightful, so it was sort of a shame it tasted odd. We will do one more pie tasting for a private event next Saturday, but neither of these will make it onto the menu. This nice thing about these events is if anyone ever asks us if we make Pistachio Pie, we can say with certainty that we have and that we take a hard pass on folding mini marshmallows into green pudding.

Now that we’ve wrapped pie tasting, tomorrow afternoon we head to St. Louis to participate in a Feast TV Taste & See event. We are pretty amped to be included, especially since the theme is BBQ & Spirits and we are the exclusive dessert provider - and the only non-St. Louis area business included. We are taking 700 samples and it is our goal to make sure we give each of those a home between 7 and 10 pm tomorrow night. And by “we”, I mean “me” because we are too short staffed to take anyone along and Jeanne might legit kill me if I suggest she stay up until 10 pm shilling pie in downtown St. Louis and then pack it all up and drive home. Entrepreneurship is super glamorous, ahem.

giphy (26).gif

And once we wade through all that tomorrow and roll into Saturday, we will celebrate that our manager Madeline is getting married in the late afternoon. Which means that we are going to get dressed up and go somewhere and not talk about pie. That’s a rare occasion these days, for sure.