Tonight I considered making and sharing a list of all things currently causing me anxiety, but I doubt there is actually enough room left on the Internet to contain it all. (And if you just thought “wait, can’t the Internet hold an infinite amount of information?” YES, IT CAN. MY LIST IS THAT LONG.)

So instead of focusing on all the scenarios in my head that keep me up late at night - most of which are ridiculous and based only in my self-doubt and too much time comparing myself to others on Instagram - let’s focus on two epic PJP Nifong developments:

  1. Our exterior sign will be installed next Tuesday. When the installer asked if that date worked, I confirmed and asked what time because I wanted to watch the process AND video it for social media. He never responded, likely because he now thinks I’m totally ridiculous. I can’t even care if he does, because if we are spending $6,500 on something we have to look at for a very long time, I’m going to be there for its introduction to the world. Also, I will likely cry at this momentous occasion because I’m a woman on the hinge lately. That should seal the deal for the installer.

  2. While sign professionals might find me dubious, the drywall installer is my biggest fan because when I stopped by today to look at PJP Nifong, I was SUPER EXCITED to see walls. This gave the drywall guy a big kick of joy because I’ll bet most people aren’t overly effusive about drywall on the regular. And then he told me that insulated our office even though the plans didn’t call for it because he felt like we might like to have a little sound protection from the baking area. TEARS. After I got myself calmed down, he said that next up is drywall tape and prep and then ready for paint. And I’m here to tell you that the day I don’t look at Orange Leaf Green in that space will be my favorite day in this entire “oh hey, let’s double our store front space” process. Except for the day I pay our final electric bill for our current space. That day is going to a placeholder in PJP history.