Why Hold Back?

Well, to start with, thanks for much for all the positive feedback on our decision to stay closed on Mondays and offer longer hours Tuesday through Saturday.  Or if you think we are making an epic mistake by not opening on Mondays, thank you for not telling me because both you and I know that I'll overanalyze your opinion until the end of times.

Speaking of the end of times, I was at Starbucks this morning and overheard someone order a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Apparently, Starbucks released the fall favorite...on a 100 degree day in August.  And then the second person to walk into PJP this morning asked if we had any pumpkin pie.  I think the Starbucks marketing team needs to slow their roll with the PSL for the sake of all of us and the sanctity of fall.

Here's a few housekeeping items you might find interesting...

  1. We've been sampling different pies at PJP every day for the last two weeks.  We've been pretty low-key about it because our track record of following through on ideas like this can be dubious at best.  But, that said, this seems to be sticking.  (Today, FedEx delivered 1,000 sampling cups and 1,000 tasting spoons, so now we HAVE to see it through or we will be eating off tiny spoons until we die.)  
  2. We are adding in a Cherry Crisp to the menu this week.  If that's your jam, then we will see you tomorrow.  (Tomorrow our food broker is delivering a case of Quaker Oats so we can make the topping, so I guess we can use the tiny spoons to eat oatmeal if none of this works out.)
  3. We are now baking blueberry AND blackberry pie every day.  We used to alternate them and then we realized that decision was based on our early days when it was just Jeanne and I baking.  And since we have a lot of good help now, why hold back on the berries when both sell equally well?  (And if you are curious, both blueberries and blackberries ship in 30 pound boxes.  The more you know...)
  4. Back to the sampling, last week we sampled the unusual (Coconut Custard), the popular (Southern Pecan), the often asked about (Brown Butter), and the most asked about (Jeanne's cookies).
  5. And speaking of Jeanne's cookies, we've been selling so many of her cookies from our freezer case that last week we baked some off and sold them by the half dozen.  We restocked today and all bias aside, they are pretty cute.