If you've ever considered entrepreneurship to be glamorous, then a) you haven't read here for long and/or b) you've never had a super slow day of sales on a gloomy Wednesday in late August.  Because for all of the super busy days we have, there are a few that are nothing but LACKLUSTER, FOR SURE.  (That said, on the bright side for our customers, we will have plenty of half-price pies available when we open in the morning.)

Rest assured, we found plenty of ways to entertain ourselves once our baking schedule was finished.  When I was looking for something under our front counter, I unearthed Jeanne's long sought after chef hats that she purchased when she was trying to convince us all that wearing hats while working at PJP would be super chic.  (Spoiler alert, we voted her opinion off the island.)  All that said, it didn't stop Jeanne from wearing her hat for the rest of the afternoon.

IMG_6615 2.jpg

So when she wasn't rearranging her hat for the chic-est look, Jeanne went on a tear to create an Instagram worthy pie that was astoundingly beautiful (and completely impractical for day-to-day pie baking).  And as you might guess, she did not disappoint when she created a cherry pie covered in roses and leaves created out of pie dough.  As you might remember, Jeanne was named runner up for Best Pastry Chef in the Feast magazine awards earlier this summer.  NO DOUBT.

So, if you haven't seen it yet on social media, here is the most beautiful cherry pie ever created at PJP.  Or maybe anywhere.  The best use of a slow sales day ever, right?

Rebecca Miller