A Trifecta.

Almost every Sunday morning, we convene for an hour long meeting about PJP.  The meeting is almost always without any sort of agenda, but rather time to talk about all the good things - and challenging things - from our week at the shop.  And usually we carve out some time to talk about what needs to be done in the coming weeks, from the mundane (order new can openers) to the significant (continue a steady pattern of growth toward our sales goal for 2018).

But yesterday's meeting really had one singular focus...what should we do about our hours of operation as we head into our busiest season?  Should we open on Mondays?  And what about all of those people who left Instagram and Facebook feedback that asked for a later close time so they could stop by for pie on their way home from work?

So, to make a long story short, we've grappled with the open on Monday issue for a while now.  And basically, opening that day sounds great...but in reality, it also sounds exhausting.  And like most indecision about PJP, you'll see me fall to the side of trying to make everyone happy and you'll see Jeanne fall to the side of maintaining our sanity.  And we really took the feedback on our Instagram and Facebook polls and the blog comments into consideration.  (And dang, you all have some seriously valid points that made us stop and think.  And honestly, our final decision really was driven by a lot of the blog comments.  You all are the best.)

So what are we going to do?


After much debate, we've decided to NOT open on Mondays.  Jeanne felt six days a week would slowly burn us out and make us hate what we do.  I was willing to challenge her opinion, but the look on the faces of my kids when I suggested we might open on Mondays sealed the deal.  It seams that even if you are growing up, having mom home, or at least not at a busy pie shop, two days a week still matters.  And well, that opinion matters to me.  (Insert the Fiddler On The Roof theme song and bring me a box of tissues for the quick passing of time.)

So all that said, we did really visit the idea of offering more hours on our open days.  And we've decided to change our Tuesday - Friday hours to 10 - 6 and our Saturday hours from 10 - 5.  If you are keeping track, that's an extra hour a day for pie purchasing and PJP visiting during the week and an extra hour and a half on Saturdays.  You win, we win, the Miller kids win...a trifecta, indeed.

I just ordered the new signage for the door and we plan to kick off the change on Tuesday, September 11th to:

Tuesday - Friday:  10 am - 6 pm

Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm (half price hour moves to 4 pm - 5 pm)

Sunday & Monday:  Closed

And we will see how it goes.  If anything, it will give us a legitimate agenda item for Sundays...