We Always Forget

If you look through our blog archives, you'll notice that about this time each year we start to consider outrageous plans for the fall baking season.  I would guess this is because we are slow enough right now to forget that each September through December is overwhelming.  We technically remember, like in an oh yeah, the fall is crazy sort of way, but not in a serious we will work 90 hours a week sort of way.  Which sounds just like us, right?

giphy (2).gif

Earlier today, I found myself looking at the calendar and thinking of the ridiculous amount of festivals and events that happen in mid-Missouri in September and October.  And while we historically aren't that proactive in taking PJP on the road, that's one thing we would like to change as we continue to grow.

We've already committed to this year's Roots & Blues festival during the last weekend of September.  We always have the best time, sell a lot of pie, and make a lot of new pie fanatic friends.  This year's lineup is top notch, so my only worries for that weekend is how I'm going to make sure our booth is well stocked with pie and how I'll be certain to see The Avett Brothers and Amanda Shires without interruption.

The next weekend is the Versailles Apple Festival.  Personally, I've never been but my Facebook feed is always full of posts from friends who go each year, so I jotted down a note last year to investigate further.  And the costs are manageable...a 10x10 space is only $100 (though set up is between 5 am and 9 am on Saturday morning...goodness).  And what better for an apple festival than American Apple, Dutch Apple, Caramel Apple, and Drunken Apple pie for sale?

And finally, the next weekend is the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival.  Behind-the-scenes Jason and I used to go every year when our kids were little, so I already know that it is an enormously popular event.  Plus the vendor costs are reasonable and it is a great opportunity to meet a lot of people who maybe don't know about our sweet PJP, though they live in the mid-Missouri area.

All that said, will we hate ourselves as we roll into a third week of non-stop festival going?  A fair amount of Team PJP will need to stay at PJP with Jeanne and make all the pies we will sell.  And Jeanne will probably have to drive in a resupply of product during all three weekends.  And I'll probably be at each event for the duration with a member or two of Team PJP to sell our products and talk up PJP.  

Undoubtedly the perks are noteworthy - revenue, marketing, social media exposure and more.  Though because we are so involved, it will mean that Jeanne and I will be there for every second of the process each weekend...thereby guaranteeing we will be worn out by that third Sunday night in a row.

Thoughts?  Feelings based on prior attendance at either the Versailles or Hartsburg event as a vendor or festival go-er?