It's Not You.

So, if you need to feel better about your Monday, just know that I didn't do a single thing on my PJP to-do list today.  In fact, I've owe a few people a text response (from Friday nonetheless because I am THE WORST PERSON sometimes) and a whole legion of people deserve an email response from me.  So if you are one of those people, just know it's not you, it's me. 

(Also, it's partly Jeanne because she convinced me to go to Ulta with her and she's the most fun to go to Ulta with because she likes to try on EVERYTHING and it is easy to lose track of time in the lipstick aisle.)

Here's a few things to discuss...

1.  We had our energy audit with City of Columbia Water & Light department last week.  And not to blow the lid off a big secret, but they felt we needed a new air conditioning unit and in general, our building insulation is lackluster.  Sigh.

2.  Despite their recommendations, I'm not buying a new air conditioner because they are expensive and we don't own the building.  I did enjoy all the charts and graphs they brought me AND they explained electric usage in a way that made sense (for that day at least, don't ask me to explain it now).  In short, we will be hot until the outdoor temperature cools off in the fall.  Awesome.

giphy (1).gif

3.  Speaking of fall, I noticed at least two stores with a full display of fall merchandise out and it makes me low-key full of anxiety.  (And that is not even including Hobby Lobby, who already has Christmas out.  Though, they always jump the shark with the holidays.)  Not to be outdone, we have some super cute new fall dish towels and box signs in the store that arrived last week.  I did hold off on Christmas merchandise.  YEP.

4.  Speaking of things I've noticed in other stores lately, two places that I frequent have switched to a cash-only system.  Wait, is this a thing now and I didn't get the memo?  I know credit card processing isn't cheap, but no longer accepting credit or debit cards is drastic.  WEIRD.

5.  And finally, carrying cash will be the least of our distractions as we roll into the next few weeks of being almost comically short staffed at PJP Buttonwood.  It's pretty much the norm this time of year as everyone vacations before school starts, but it always catches me off guard when I start piecing our days together.  This means you'll see a lot of just Jeanne and I at the store (holla) and also, we need to hire some people for both morning and afternoon positions.  If that sounds like a fit for you, email  HURRY.