Jeanne-ology: This Is Surprising

(Hi is Thursday and you won't even believe what Jeanne has to say in this week's installment of Jeanne-ology.  It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to with pie or PJP, but if you ever want to know what it is like to hang out with you go.  Enjoy!  Rebecca)


I did something on Monday that I NEVER thought I would do. I will tell you later on what I did but first, I'll ease into the story.

Two years ago, I began noticing that my eyebrows were disappearing!  Where they went, nobody knows.  I noticed a shorter length at first and finally just a half brow.  Rebecca told me to quit plucking so much.  You don't realize how much hair you are removing, she said.  I come from a strong eyebrow family.  My grandmother was close to having a unibrow, my mother had beautiful eyebrows, so why were my eyebrows skimping out?  (Rebecca editing to add:  I've never been told that I come from a "strong eyebrow family", so I don't know how she hasn't told me this.  That said, I really just want to work "I come from a strong eyebrow family" into a conversation in the near future.)

tenor (1).gif

Don't get me wrong, hair grows on my eyelids, just not the brow area.  If I could strategically  move the wild hairs into my brow, I would have the eyebrows I wanted.  I have tried using an eyebrow pencil, but getting a good color match was hard.  Always too black or a brown that didn't match my natural color well.  I was with my granddaughter last year when she leaned over and said, "MawMaw, have you been playing again with your eyebrow pencil?"  After that I quit with the eyebrow pencil and my eyebrows.  (Rebecca editing to add:  I've considered teaching her how to follow #eyebrows on Instagram, but I need her at PJP Buttonwood with me and I feel like she would watch HOURS of eyebrow pencil tutorial videos instead.  Sometimes a little knowledge is too much.)

About a month ago, I was seeing Shawna Houser, my hairdresser, at the Trove Salon.  A customer there was showing off her new eyebrows she had just had done.  I was impressed!  She seemed a little older than me and was so happy with the results.  Shawna showed me a lot of pictures of women who had done the same procedure, all right there in the salon.  I was impressed and made an appointment with Darci, the cosmetic wonder woman of Columbia.  She explained the procedure, the cost and any other questions I had.  She was so booked that the appointment I scheduled was three weeks out.  (Rebecca editing to add:  Shawna cuts all of our hair - mine, Jason's, our kids, and Jeanne's.  We are super fans.)

Of course, Rebecca and my granddaughter were shocked and happy that I had decided to do such a procedure.  My husband was totally against it.  Why would you do such a thing?  I don't really know who you are anymore?  What if you don't like what is done and your stuck with your mistake?  By the way, how much does it cost?  Are you nuts?  Leave your face alone!  I need to mention here that he has three of the worst tattoos I have ever seen.  To be fair, he had them done when he was a young man in the military.  One tattoo cost him seven dollars and another ten dollars.  Well, no wonder he regrets them!  I brought him up to par on cosmetic procedures and that it is totally different than a regular tattoo place. 

Over the next few weeks, he seldom mentioned his doubt about having my eyebrows done. However, the closer the appointment arrived, the more doubtful I began to feel!  I cancelled the appointment.  I was a little scared of the discomfort I would experience and what if I didn't like the new brows?  Rebecca and my granddaughter were disappointed and thought I should have followed through.  Rebecca gave me a pep talk and all of a sudden I remembered urging her on to do things she wanted too but was a little doubtful of doing so.  (Rebecca editing to add:  she totally does this - she convinces me I can do anything, but then tries to tell me she is worried about new eyebrows!)

I made another appointment.  Darci was so nice to reschedule me.  Shawna said I was doing the right thing.  This time don't tell your husband your going to do this!  So the past Monday was the day.  I had Rebecca and my granddaughter come to the salon also because Darci was going to draw my eyebrows on before she permanently microbladed them on.  The procedure was about two hours and I couldn't believe the difference in the way I looked.  When I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself!  (Rebecca editing to add:  It was AMAZING.  And it didn't really hurt.  I so want it done.)

When I got home, it took about two hours before my husband realized what I had done.  That's not a reflection on the artistry of the brows, I could walk naked around the house and it would take him about two hours to notice.  His stare at my eyebrows was long and intense. He finally said that he liked the shape, but they were a little too dark.  I explained that over the next few weeks, the color would fade to my natural color.  (Rebecca editing to add:  I don't doubt for a hot second that it went down this way at her house.)

A lot of compliments have come my way and to have full eyebrows is a wonderful thing.  I also learned that Darci does permanent eyeliner too.  One of our employees mentioned that once you start getting tattoos, you will become addicted to getting more done.  Maybe he is right.   I am  planning on getting the eyeliner before the end of the year.  And guess what, my husband will not know about it until it is done.  (Rebecca editing to add:  I would show you a picture, but she would kill me because none of the pictures I took will pass her critical eye, so you'll have to stop by and see the brows in person.  They are TOP NOTCH.)