We All Win.

So, here's something you won't often hear a company announce:  WE'VE LOWERED PRICES.  Specifically, we've reduced the price of our nine-inch fruit pies from $17.75 to $17.00 and our nine-inch cream pies from $18.50 to $17.00.  I KNOW, RIGHT?


And honestly, we've been busier than ever at PJP (with a solid 33% increase in sales this June over last June), so why the heck are we dropping prices?

Actually, it's pretty simple.  The cost of a nine-inch cream pie at $18.50 with tax is $20.09.  And you know what is super annoying?  NINE CENTS.  I'm the first to stop someone from offering me $21.00 and expecting $.91 in return.  And then Jeanne and I were chatting and we thought, welp, if neither she or I expect someone to offer up nine cents in coin, then wouldn't it be easier to just drop the price?  Sometimes being in charge has it's perks.

We decided we would drop the cream pie price to the fruit pie price, $17.75.  And then we took a hard look at how we arrived at that $17.75 fruit pie price over four years ago when we opened.  And because we now order more food, we bake faster, and we are generally more efficient than four years ago, our overall production costs have actually come down a bit.  

And you know what a $17.00 pie is with tax?  $19.00.  YES, PLEASE.  (Here's a little known fact about me...I hate counting grubby change when I balance the drawer.  Not long ago, I got $1.50 in pennies from the bank when I got change and someone on Team PJP opened ALL THREE ROLLS AND PUT THEM IN THE DRAWER.  Add "counting out 150 pennies" to the list of things I don't like.  Along with marginally functioning air conditioning.  And chicken wings, because NOPE.)

So I'm certain that most people don't make pricing decisions based end result numbers that we like, but would you expect anything less from us?  You enjoy the lower prices, we will enjoy not counting out $.91 cents in change.  WE ALL WIN, FRIENDS.