Lately, Jeanne and I have taken a deep dive into our recipe books.  We've been working on updating all of our recipes based on the tweaks we've learned over the last few years.  While most of Team PJP has the recipes committed to memory for a large portion of our menu, we are thinking ahead to PJP stores across America.  Because wouldn't that just be the loveliest idea?

And this is all just to say that yesterday I bought a laminator.  And if you didn't know, a laminator is just a gateway drug to deciding that if you need to laminate a few recipes, you need to laminate ALL THE THINGS.  After Jeanne went on a tear this afternoon, we narrowly escaped the entirety of our walls papered with signs reminding us to "THOROUGHLY CLEAN THE MIXERS" and more.  Even our flour bucket is aptly labeled "flour" and laminated for posterity. 

Which is all just to say that laminating all the the things is exactly the sort of activity we discuss in the crazy of the fall baking season with a wistful sigh for the days when we have time for moderate and low-key craftiness.

Here are just a few other things to share that aren't heat sealed related:

  1. Our friends at VisitMo included PJP in their "Guide to Summertime Eating in Missouri" and featured a lovely picture of our White Chocolate Strawberry pie.  Only five Missouri food establishments were listed, so we are beyond honored to be included.
  2. And a lovely site,, included our jars as a top housewarming gift.  We are feeling the love this week.
  3. I'm still on a steep learning curve with Google analytics, but I've mastered how to look at what people are Googling before landing on our site.  The third most common search term?  "Large item delivery".  A few years ago, I wrote a post about a semi truck delivering our shipping boxes, which proves how Google works is like throwing spaghetti against a wall to see what sticks.
  4. We went to a fun meeting this week with One to One Print Shop, a local company that is going to change our world with a new line of screen printed t-shirts and hats.  We've been trying to get our act together in this area for at least four years and this new relationship is finally going to do the trick.
  5. And that's all, I just can't end on #4 because I'm OCD that way.