Five Things Worth Mentioning...

Well, I didn't mean to fall right off the blogging bus for a few days but Tuesday was so busy at PJP, I was simply out of words.  And then Wednesday was a holiday.  And then Thursday felt weird because PJP was closed for the day.  And then Friday felt like a Monday.  And then Saturday felt like Friday.  And look, I'm just happy that my days won't be mixed up all this week.

In honor of a week of confusion, here's five things worth mentioning...

1.  If you've been on social media or talked to me for more than three seconds over the last few days, you likely know that PJP is currently ranked as the number one place to shop in Columbia.  Wait, what?  Look, I don't know how we outrank traditional retail establishments, but WE COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED.


2.  And if you would like a fun, albeit very obscure, fact about me, I love TripAdvisor.  I'm in the top 4% of read reviewers in the United States, which makes Emily laugh every time we discuss it.  I don't know how that happened either, except I like opinions AND words.  A lot.  Ahem.


3.  For at least two years, I've sworn we need a map of the United States so that we can mark each location we've shipped to via UPS.  When I was at Home Goods, I spied a huge vinyl map, packaged complete with a Sharpie.  STRAIGHT INTO THE SHOPPING CART.  And then I tasked my 12 year old with matching our UPS history from January 1, 2018 to the present to the map.  In full disclosure, it took a lot of Googling to find the more obscure places, but check it out...


4.    And for at least six months, we've told ourselves that we need to label our front cooler and freezer in some way because customers are option confused by what they see when they walk in our front door.  And true to ourselves, we spent a few months making the whole concept far more difficult than it needed to be.  And then Madeline's sister made and placed new vinyl decals in less than a week.  And now we are legit.  


       5.  And finally, at least three people a week try to purchase the rolling pins we use for our     baking parties.  So we finally wised up and ordered a dozen of Jeanne-approved rolling pins to sell in the store.  She wasn't with me when I was picking them out, but we were talking on the phone and she asked me if the rolling pins had ball bearings, because all the good ones do.  Huh.  Once she told me how to figure out if they do, she cleared them for purchase.