Watch Out, Joanna

Earlier this afternoon I stopped by Lucky’s grocery store after I delivered some pies to a customer downtown. It’s rare that I shop at Lucky’s, only because I never really pass by it on my way home and I am a creature of routine. All that said, it reminded me of our very earliest days in the winter of 2014 when we sold pies at Lucky’s while PJP Buttonwood was under construction. Essentially, we would make and bake the pies at The Elks Lodge because they were willing to rent us a commercial kitchen. We would deliver the pies to Lucky’s each morning and do an inventory on what sold the previous day. We were so bougie that we used a grocery cart to transport the pies from the car to the loading dock.


And that is all to say that I seriously don’t miss pushing a grocery cart through slushy snow to a loading dock, but I do appreciate how far we’ve come since those very earliest days. That was such a tremendous time of transition for us, but I never clued into it because all was all very exciting (I mean, heck, I’d never sold anything at a grocery store and I’m all for novelty experience).

So here we are again, at a time of tremendous change for PJP…just without the grocery cart element. Also, with about 72 months of entrepreneurial knowledge behind us. (And that is basically 87 years in entrepreneurial years.) What I’m basically trying to say is that OH MY GOODNESS, I AM OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING. Actually, I’m sick of my own self. I would take a solid break from my own mind, but I sadly can’t. I’m resorting to things like staying up until midnight watching Youtube videos of abandoned malls and entire documentary on the demise of K-Mart. Gulp.

I would argue that I’m actually pretty normal for someone who loves their business and who is trying to get it to the other side of a big move, but no one ever likes to talk in a public forum about how worry and overthinking leads being up half the night either watching YouTube or well, worrying and overthinking. So I am saying it now. IT’S A THING.

And when I’m not making myself crazy, I finally downloaded and organized all of the pictures from last year’s photo shoot with Silverbox Photography and I’m reminded of how much I’m love. If I had a cookbook, I’d put this on the cover. Watch out, Joanna Gaines.