An Improvement

Earlier today, a few people texted me and said there appeared to be A LOT of work going on inside PJP Nifong and all the messages included descriptions of loud hammering, banging, and machinery. YES, PLEASE. Here’s actual footage of me leaving PJP Buttonwood to check it out for myself…ahem.

giphy (17).gif

All kidding aside, my arrival to PJP Nifong did not disappoint. Most notably, all of the original laminate flooring from the early 1990s in the back of the store was gone, as well the vinyl plank flooring that was installed by Orange Leaf. The person removing the flooring had all sorts of tools and despite my heavy hinting, the guy in charge wasn’t keen on letting me push the glue removing machine.


This guy was pretty salty from ripping out various floor covering and then removing years of glue and other adhesives. His service costs $8 a square foot, and I 100% understand why after watching him for a bit.

(Also, you’ll see a drain in the floor to the right of his machine. That drain was a surprise find for all of us, as it is in the middle-ish of the space and had been covered by vinyl flooring by Orange Leaf. Quite a few involved in this project have speculated about what the space was before Orange Leaf, but none of us remember for certain. Most think it was a used bookstore, which makes the find of this random drain even more odd.)

The other notable development today was the framing out of our future office space:


From the existing wall of the bathroom, a six-foot storage room will be built to house shop and holiday decor. And then I’ve circled our office space for you. I promise you that it isn’t palatial by any means (measuring 12 feet long and five feet wide), but is a 100% improvement over our current zero feet long and zero feet wide office space, right?