Sneak Peek

Today we celebrated our first ever Pot Pie Party by selling all pot pies at discounted prices. And though we didn’t really have any set expectations since we’ve never done this before, we were pleasantly surprised by being super busy all day long. And there isn’t a retail entrepreneur in this world that won’t tell you that a super busy day on the last Wednesday in June is a SOLID WIN.

So here’s a few other things worth knowing:

  1. All the Orange Leaf furniture has officially left the building. THANKFULLY. I was tired of looking at it and it all needed new homes before construction continues. All of it went to teachers in various schools, so if you see an Orange Leaf chair in your child’s classroom this fall…now you know.

  2. And back at PJP Buttonwood, it has been ridiculously hot - like 78 degrees when the thermostat is set to 68. I’m no HVAC expert, but I’m not above getting a ladder and climbing up to the roof to wave a chicken leg over that current unit or any other sort of ritual that might buy us 60 days or so until we leave. And if it doesn’t come to that, I’m still climbing up there to write “PJP Was Here” in Sharpie on the unit for posterity’s sake.

  3. In all of the heat and chaos today, I sat on the front bench at PJP today to calculate payroll. That’s very professional, no? Most everything about all the coming changes to PJP has been stressing me out, but the thought of my own office is an underestimated perk. I hereby pledge to not place any #girlboss signs in my office because I’ve yet to see a #manboss sign.

  4. This afternoon, I met with Annika at Silverbox Photography to review all the pictures she took last May of our pies and of Jeanne and I for our websites. (And if you are calculating, that means it almost took me 14 months to complete that pretty simple task.) . Anyway, one agenda item was to discuss using some of the photos in PJP Nifong, but not in an obvious or expected way. And did you know that you can have photos printed on metal? I DID NOT. And without question, YES, PLEASE.

  5. Finally, we paid our deposit to start the fabrication of our new exterior sign. It takes four to six weeks to make and then it can be mounted outside of the store. Remember when we were vacillating between the sign with the logo or without the logo? We chose the sign without the logo to help the readability from Nifong. Here’s a sneak peek: