Wait, What?

So I'm still in Ireland (we leave tomorrow for London) and Jeanne is still holding down the fort at PJP.  She wrote a blog post and then emailed it to me so that I could post it, so let's all just thank the gods above for the Internet connectivity that makes me feel like I'm there...even when I'm here.


Rebecca and family has been gone almost a week.  Just one more to go!  I have to admit that I am exhausted from taking over her duties.  I will be glad when she returns.  I am going to try to have everything in place, all the dots dotted and t's crossed.  (Rebecca editing to add:  WAIT, WHAT?  I think she misses me.)

I do feel bad for the whole family coming back to reality and work schedules. This coming Saturday is a very busy day for us, so I wont be able to see the family until Saturday after noon. No matter how tired I am, I will drag myself over to see them because I will thank her over and over for all the things she takes care of and I have taken for granted.  (Rebecca editing to add:  WAIT, WHAT?  I fully plan to record the "I take you for granted" piece and play it for myself at on a regular basis.)

This week went smoothly until the end of the week. A few thorns found their way into the store but all ended well.  A great staff helped me so much and I can't thank them enough.  It takes a good team supporting each other and I think we have such a team.  (Rebecca editing to add:  WAIT, WHAT?  I'm worrying about those thorns now.)

I made a lot of pot pie and gluten free dough. The pot pies are about gone. Who eats such food in the summer? I always think of pot pie as a winter food. Wouldn't something cold taste better? Chicken salad, egg salad and so on. But, I guess, if we made only the other pies that I like, half of the pie menu would be erased.  (Rebecca editing to add:  WAIT, WHAT?  I would totally eat pot pie in the summer.  Also, she hates all fruits, so thankfully she is still making fruit pies.)

Other notable things that happened at home was our new puppy ate the Roku remote. I have several series I watch to relax and I felt put out about the pup. I know she is a puppy and will grab anything not tied down to chew on. Ask me why we have a puppy and I couldn't give a just reason. We are too old and too stiff to have a puppy. It's liking having a two year old that wants to explore everything. In addition to losing the Roku remote, we have had to many rolls of toilet destroyed. I have found my underwear in the living room, stolen out of the dirty laundry basket , missing shoes, etc. Anyone who has had or has a puppy knows the story. I dread getting up in the morning because I can't enjoy a cup of coffee before the circus begins. Between the puppy antics and my falling down on concrete and banging myself up, I take the shop anytime. I think it must be safer than home.  (Rebecca editing to add:  WAIT, WHAT?  Oh never mind, none of this surprises me.)

Thank goodness, just a few days before things return to normal and Rebecca is home. There is a six hour time difference between us so there is very little overlapping time to text each other. I reminds me of the movie Ladyhawke, where two lovers had a bad spell put on them and they could not see each only at twilight. I'll make a point of texting her next week right after twilight.  (Rebecca editing to add:  WAIT, WHAT?  That totally sounds like a movie she would watch.  TOTALLY.)

Rebecca Miller