All Fogged Up...

So, we are wrapping up our last few days in London and are flying home this weekend.  I have mixed emotions because I miss PJP, Jeanne, and my dog...but I'm sort of a sucker for the European lifestyle.  Go figure.  In the interim, Jeanne blogged for a SECOND time.  Here you go!


While the heat is unbearable outside, we have managed to stay cool even with the ovens running full blast. Since I started wearing eyeglasses full-time, I have learned to look away when opening the oven doors.  Lordy, the heat fogs up my eyeglasses to the point I can see at all!  Rebecca wears contacts but hasn't complained! Well, maybe she has and I just don't remember. Maybe I should consider contacts for myself, but I know that probably I would loose one and it would be stuck to my face. Customers may wonder what's up and I would be wondering why I can't see out of one eye!



I have so many questions to ask Rebecca and Ellery when they get home. It's good to have a daughter and granddaughter who never miss anything while they are traveling. If I ask my son-in-law and grandson about what they saw, their response would be "a lot".  End of story.

I asked if they would miss lreland and London once they get home. I knew the answer would be YES, and it was. So the staff and I have been working on creating something that would let them down gently from their trip. Next week we will be offering Irish Cream Pie and a Londonberry Pie. Most of you know about the Irish Cream Pie and the Londonberry pie will be unveiled next week. I hope everyone will receive well, it is a nice summer fruit pie with a twist.

My energy level has been running high, mainly because I know that I have to while they are away. Once Rebecca gets home, I will probably feel like a big balloon that all of a sudden releases its air and deflates. I can feel it coming, so Rebecca if you are reading this, be forewarned. I can hear her now, What happened to you mom, you managed the entire shop when I was gone and now your useless to me! Just kidding, she would never be that harsh with me, but she may think it. My excuse is ready to go...I am all fogged up and can't see what needs to be done!


Rebecca Miller