True Dat.

In case you haven’t heard, tomorrow is National Pie Day. We kept ourselves busy this afternoon with all the prep work for a full baking schedule tomorrow. You know what my anxiety doesn’t need? A winter weather advisory. Or a late start for Columbia Public Schools. Ahem.

Here’s a few other things to discuss that aren’t related to National Pie Day.

I made a bucket of dough early this morning and whoever last used the mixer left it on high, resulting in about 10 cups of flour flying out of the bowl at an alarming rate. Black aprons make us look skinnier, but not when covered in cups of flour. Exhibit A: my footprints.


Our new name tags arrived in the mail today, so we are well on our way to looking like legit professionals. The Southern Rose is stitching PJP on both our aprons and our hats, so within a few weeks, prepare to be amazed by our new look.


I ordered Kevin a name tag because I have big plans to woo him back from his post graduation job in Arkansas to PJP eventually and this will save me work later on down the road. Last Friday, a box from Kevin arrived via UPS and in it was a pun calendar for Jeanne and a special surprise for me. He knows us pretty well.


And finally, we rolled over 6,000 likes on Facebook this weekend. Thanks to every single one of you. I’ll take my milestones where I can find them.

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