Siri, Remind Me...

We are pretty well known for celebrating Pi(e) Day on March 14th (get it? 3/14 = 3.14 = pi?) by discounting all baked pies in our store by $3.14 for that day. It’s officially become A THING and long waits with lines backed up to Starbucks aren’t uncommon, especially as we’ve grown as a company. (And if you can imagine us in a larger space next year, well, then 3/14 Pi(e) Day 2020 will reach peak legendary status.)

One small wrinkle in the annual plan is that the American Pie Council (remember, the ones that host the pie competition each year?) have declared National Pie Day to be January 23rd. Now, I would guess it is because most bakeries experience slow sales in January and the APC thinks this might help. Or maybe it is just that no one at APC got the memo about the 3/14 thing. Either way.

And all that said, in the past we’ve largely blown right past January 23rd with the expectation that we will celebrate properly on March 14th. And honestly, that’s always felt a bit awkward…but January is already my least favorite month already and for the most part I’m already anxious, cold, and exhausted from working on being a better version of myself, so who even cares about adding in awkward?

Last week though, it occurred to me that we could celebrate the two separate events in completely different ways. Think of January 23rd as National Pie Day. Think of March 14th of World Pie Day. YES, PLEASE.

So we did a little brainstorming of fun ways to celebrate National Pie Day that didn’t impede upon our plans for March’s Pi(e) Day…because neither are that special if you just continually do the same thing, right?

Which is just the very long way of saying that on Wednesday, National Pie Day, we will sell all of our three inch tart sized pies for $1.23. (See what we did there? 1/23 = $1.23? We are nothing if not clever.) We plan to make hundreds of tarts in all sorts of flavors and organize them by flavor in our wooden crates, making shopping easy and quick. No coupon code needed, no magical VIP card required. Just your desire to have fun and not lose your mind if someone in front of you swipes the last Dutch Apple tart. We promise, we’ll do this again.

So mark your calendars. Or ask Siri to remind you to attend the inaugural event of what promises to be a long standing PJP tradition. It will be worth it.