What's Your Problem?

So, today we made HUNDREDS of tarts for National Pie Day. I’ve mentioned it a time or two or a thousand. Luckily, as it turns out, we sold hundreds of tarts today…and that’s no hyperbole - we actually sold 1,688 tarts. I think we could have rolled right to 2,000 had we enough oven space, time, and gumption. (Mainly oven space, but I’m not talking smack about our ovens because I’ve seen the dark side of myself when one oven goes out of commission and now I never take working ovens for granted.)

And today was one of those rare days that was smooth sailing through calm seas. We just made tarts and long lines of excited and friendly customers purchased them. Before I ever worked retail, I assumed it always worked this way. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. I think sometimes the universe gives you a solid day so you don’t jump ship the next time it all goes off the rails. That sounds dramatic, but if you are an entrepreneur then you just leaned forward and whispered “amen, sister”.

giphy (4).gif

For the past few months, the background conversation at PJP has been a constant playlist discussion of if we need to move to a bigger space, if we can afford to move to a bigger space, what we would do in a bigger space, bigger space, bigger space, bigger space. Text me at 4 am and I’m probably awake, thinking about a bigger space. Did I mention a bigger space? Sheesh.

Today as we worked on hundreds of tarts, I found myself thinking several things: a) six ovens sounds way nicer than two ovens, b) two Square checkout stations means less people waiting in line, and c) more space means this whole show just goes to the next level. Gulp. For more than a moment, I wished I were as naive as we were five years ago tonight.

That all said, Jeanne and I never hold to the status quo for long. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts Jeanne has given me is the ability to always think about what comes next - what’s new, interesting, challenging, unique, and engaging. So if I called her right now (which, I wouldn’t because she’s been asleep for at least two hours) and told her that if we move to a bigger space then we should plan on 3,000 tarts next National Pie Day, she would say “oh, we can totally do that…what’s your problem?”

Remind me of this next January.