One of my favorite things about PJP that I admire the most about her is that no two days are ever the same. Sure, we bake pies every single day - and I get a venti cold brew from Starbucks every single morning - but the customers, the conversations, and the happenings are always different each day. Here is a wrap up of today:

— Our Sysco representative, Carla, stopped by today and brought someone with her. This isn’t uncommon, especially if she knows we are interested in trying a new product or service and she has a specialist in that area available to meet with us. But today, she brought the PRESIDENT of Sysco. That doesn’t happen every day. He wanted to know more about us and our new location and he seemed genuinely interested, so bonus points to him for appearing to be a super chill person-in-charge. And when I recommended that Sysco sell two 25 pounds of flour and sugar for the same price as the 50 pound bags so that women who order them can carry them around without swearing, he said he would look into it. And extra 10 bonus points for that.

— Later this morning, I was working on shipping labels for all the boxes of Jelly Jar pies leaving the store today. And UPS promised me that it would be delivered by January 1, 1901. Goodness, let’s hope not. We don’t use preservatives in our pies, plus time travel doesn’t interest me.


— And speaking of shelf life for pies, we’ve been cleaning and organizing in anticipation of our PJP garage sale this Sunday. In a box, we found our “Best By” stamp that we used in our earliest days. Thank goodness we’ve progressed.


— I also took home a laptop that we’ve used for years because it stopped working and Behind-The-Scenes Jason is in charge of figuring out what to do with stuff like that. When he sat down to reset it and he opened it up, flour flew out of it. I guess we know why it isn’t working.

— Finally, one of our first shipments from our trip to Atlanta Gift Mart arrived today in three large boxes. Honestly, it is super hard to not open it all and commandeer some cute stuff for ourselves. We are working to decrease the amount of items in PJP currently, so all this new product will make a home in my dining room for the next month until is ready for our new location. No promises I won’t open it though.