Jeanne-ology: I Can Do That.

Hi There - It’s Jeanne-ology Thursday. She’s been waiting all week to tell you how I’ve been squashing all her project ideas for the new space. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Enjoy! Rebecca


Hello Thursday readers! I missed last week on blogging. Rebecca reminded me last Thursday and I agreed, and then I fell asleep! I didn't think about it again until Friday morning. So I am making sure that between the wine drinking and cooking dinner, I blog first. (Rebecca editing to add: I’m still mystified how she can promise a blog post and then fall asleep. It’s like when she calls me and I don’t answer and I call her right back and she doesn’t answer. It’s like she opens her window and throws her phone out it in the interim.)

A lot has been happening at PJP. This past week, I have been coming in the early afternoon and staying until closing. My husband loves my new schedule because we can drink coffee until 9 am and discuss a multitude of various subjects. Also, I am able to cook a big breakfast for him. (Rebecca editing to add: I would 100% guarantee that they drink at least three pots of Folgers coffee before 10 am.)

Working the afternoons is easy for me. I enjoy prepping for the next day, filling all the containers, making topping, bagging fruit, stamping shells and cleaning. The morning crew will not have any thing to do except bake. There is nothing worse than preparing apple pies and there is not enough topping, or having to stop to fill the sugar bin, brown sugar bin, flour bin, etc.. Maybe Rebecca and I can divide and conquer the daily to do list. I enjoy seeing our afternoon customers, taking orders and planning for the next day. (Rebecca editing to add: It has gone well when we divide and conquer our day. Although it is out of routine, and I like routine.)

Discussing the new shop, my husband and I have several building projects to accomplish. The contractor says that next week we will be able to start on our projects. Rebecca is determined that my husband and I accomplish only one major task for the new shop and forget about doing anything else. I disagree. There are so many little things that could be built! For instance, she ordered two new desks for our office. Why, when my husband and I could easily build what we need? She is hesitant of us doing any extra building because she thinks we will never get it done. I think she basis her hesitation on how slow projects happen at our house. My husband and I can take a project and spread it out over three months. She doesn't want that to happen at PJP. I agree, but there is a difference on working on your own project compared to a "time is of the essence" project. (Rebecca editing to add: No matter what we discuss, she says “oh, we can do that ourselves”. Really? I give some serious side eye to 40 lumber based projects AND keeping PJP stocked and moving forward each business day.)

Maybe we will prove her wrong. (Rebecca editing to add: MAYBE.)

This Sunday, we are having a garage sale at PJP to sell away items we no longer need. The items will vary from baking items to an antiques piece of furniture that I am ready to sell. Right now I have dedicated an entire bedroom at my house for PJP storage! It will be nice to reclaim that space. (Rebecca editing to add: The sale is from 1-3 on Sunday at PJP Buttonwood. There won’t be any equipment for sale, but there will be plenty of baking items, craft items, decor, and merchandise.)

I hope to see a lot of you on Sunday. Hopefully, we will sell out and have less to move! We have arranged for the big items, like ovens, refrigeration, tables, coolers and the sink to be moved when the day finally comes. It is all the little stuff we need to move ourselves. I expect Rebecca will be directing the entire move. I hope so. I would like to be the one that organizes where all the new stuff will go! We work as a good team that way. (Rebecca editing to add: Yep, unless she is still sawing and nailing on 75% of the store.)

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